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Durban Day 2: Climate Talks Further Plagued By Canadian Intransigence
2011-11-29 15:23:17

In only the second day of talks at the 2011 UN climate conference in Durban,, another ominous development has taken center stage, further heightening tensions and fears of another flop similar to the 2009 Copenhagen summit. After signaling for some time that they would take a harder, more conservative position in upcoming negotiations, it now seems probable that Canadian leaders may pull out of the Kyoto protocol altogether. Moreover, inside sources indicate that they may decline...

Climate Conference Commences With Divisions And Disappointment
2011-11-28 15:21:41

As the 2011 annual UN climate summit kicks off this week in Durban, South Africa, the EU and a coalition of smaller so-called 'climate-vulnerable´ island states are already up in arms over a number of political developments that they believe are unfavorable to global progress in fighting climate change. For starters, burgeoning economic powers India and Brazil have both joined the ranks of the wealthier nations in calling for a postponement of negotiations on a legally-binding deal...

Optimism, Warnings Ahead Of Next Week’s UN Climate Talks
2011-11-23 06:03:56

The Obama administration expressed optimism on Tuesday about next week´s U.N. climate discussions in Durban, South Africa, but stopped short of raising hopes a binding commitment on greenhouse gas emissions could be reached. Experts say the contentious 2009 Copenhagen summit has cast a shadow over the upcoming Durban meetings (COP17), and could result in a potential breakup of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the only agreement setting legal curbs on greenhouse gas emissions. Supporters of...

2011-01-27 04:06:00

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- International leaders attending the World Economic Forum in snow-covered Davos, Switzerland, are embracing the new perspective of the Global Adaptation Institute (www.globalai.org) that puts "adaptation" at the center of world climate policy. Institute CEO, Dr. Juan Jose Daboub, former Managing Director of the World Bank, speaking to journalists at the conference said: "Some of the world's most prominent private sector leaders...

2010-12-31 06:20:00

President Barack Obama and his administration will enter 2011 pushing for new regulations and diplomacy to fight climate change, but will have to deal with stiff challenges from opponents, according to AFP reports. The year ends with moderate progress toward a global deal on climate change during the UN-led summit in Cancun, Mexico, where top carbon emitters such as the United States and China finally agreed to move forward. But US supporters of the deal had their hopes crushed, when a...

2010-12-12 09:10:00

Delegates at the UN climate summit in Cancun have reached an agreement to curb climate change, including a massive fund to aid developing countries. All participating nations endorsed the deal drawn up by the Mexican hosts, although Bolivia made some objections. The draft says deeper cuts in carbon emissions are needed, but do not establish a mechanism for achieving pledges made by countries. The Kyoto Protocol was a huge stumbling block for some countries that resisted it during the final...

2010-12-06 08:41:00

CANCUN, Mexico, Dec. 6, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- U.S. states and Chinese provinces launch focused effort to cooperate on comprehensive climate action planning. The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS), a U.S.-based 501(c)3, and its Chinese partner the Global Environment Institute (GEI), a China-based NGO, have teamed up to lead the subnational effort between states and provinces in the two nations. CCS and GEI will showcase cooperative work between U.S. states and Chinese...

2010-11-27 00:00:49

The gathering will showcase the depth and breadth of business commitment to action against climate change and outline what businesses are already doing and how governmental leadership and civil society collaboration can help to accelerate and scale impact. Cancun, Mexico (Vocus) November 26, 2010 On the opening day of the Sixteenth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16), COP16 host President Felipe Calderón of Mexico, the UNFCCC Executive...

2010-11-23 06:05:00

United Nations leaders will insist on solid results from the upcoming Cancun climate summit as global warming accelerates, an event organizer with the UN said Monday. The next Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report on global warming will be much worse than the last one, Robert Orr, UN secretary general for planning, told AFP. He said that negotiators attending the Cancun summit "need to remind themselves, the longer we delay, the more we will pay both in terms of lives and in...

2010-10-11 06:25:00

The final day of climate change talks found the United States and China blaming each other for blocking progress ahead of a major summit on global warming coming next month. The two largest greenhouse gas polluters wrangled throughout the six-day UN talks in China last week, bringing on anger from environmentalists who said countries were worried more about self-interest than about the fate of the planet. US climate representative Jonathan Pershing warned progress at the UN's annual climate...

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