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Gilberts Potoroo
2008-05-05 23:48:15

Gilbert's Potoroo (Potorous gilbertii), is an Australian marsupial that is critically endangered. It lives in a restricted area on the southwest coast of Western Australia.The potoroo was presumed extinct for 120 years before it was re-discovered in 1994 in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. In efforts to protect the remaining population three potoroos (one male and two females) were relocated...

Long-nosed Potoroo
2008-04-29 00:32:46

The Long-nosed Potoroo (Potorous tridactylus), is a species of Australian potoroo. The Long-nosed Potoroo occurs across a range of vegetation types from subtropical and warm temperate rainforest through tall open forest with dense understorey to dense coastal heaths. Its main requirement is thick groundcover, which it needs for protection and nesting material. It also prefers light soils that...

Broad-faced Potoroo
2007-07-16 14:08:34

The Broad-faced Potoroo (Potorous platyops), is an extinct mammal that was (according to sub-fossil remains) believed to be widely distributed from the semi-arid coastal districts of South Australia to the Western Australia coast, and possibly as far north as North West Cape. It was recorded as a rare species in 1844 and the last known specimen was collected in 1875. The habits of the...

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