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2008-08-06 00:00:20

By beth botts of The "You think I'd crumble? You think I'd lay down and die? Oh no, not I. I will survive!"So sang Gloria Gaynor in 1978. And sure enough, there are plants alive today that were thriving when disco was king. There are plants that are practically guaranteed to make it in your garden, even if they are the first you've planted.Here are a few to try out:HostaWhere to plant: In a spot with afternoon shade. Spread mulch over the root zone. Water once a week for the first...

2008-07-24 03:00:50

By Ozenc, Damla Bender This study was carried out to determine effects of composted hazelnut husk (CHH) on tomato seedlings grown under water stress conditions. Seven media were prepared using CHH mixed, in different ratios, with native peat and perlite. The following mixtures were used: 100%CHH, 100%peat, 75%CHH+25%peat, 50%CHH+50%peat, 25%CHH+75%peat, 25%CHH+50%peat+25%perlite and 50%CHH+25%peat+25%perlite. The experiment was arranged in a randomized plot design with seven media, three...

2008-03-26 03:00:17

By Douds, David D Jr Nagahashi, Gerald; Reider, Carolyn; Hepperly, Paul R Arbuscular mycorrhizal [AM] fungi are potentially important tools in sustainable agriculture due to their roles in crop nutrient uptake, disease resistance, and water relations and in stabilizing soil aggregates. Inocula of these fungi can be effectively produced on-farm in mixtures of compost and vermiculite with a suitable plant host, such as bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge). Success of this method, however,...

2007-12-31 15:00:20

By Garden Variety CURTIS SMITH For the Journal Q: I want to use my own garden soil and homemade compost for my flower and vegetable garden transplants this year. How deep should I make a tray of soil to be pasteurized in the barbecue? The New Mexico State University Web site mentioned heating the soil to 140 degrees for a half-hour to kill bacteria, viruses and insects or 180 degrees to include weed seed. What happens to the soil's beneficial insects and mycorrhizae fungi? -- R.B....

2006-12-13 03:00:30

By Moldes, A; Cendn, Y; Lpez, E; Barral, M T Municipal solid waste (MSW) compost from aerobic or anaerobic bioprocesses was evaluated as components of substrates for potted plant production. Experiments were conducted with potted media consisting of MSW compost mixed with other conventional substrates (peat or composted pine bark). Spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and cress (Lepidium sativum L.) were used to evaluate the biological quality of composts. Higher germination rates of spring...

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