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2014-08-07 23:04:20

$12 million project creates one of the largest Tier III data centers in the Upper Midwest. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (PRWEB) August 07, 2014 OneNeck® IT Solutions announces the availability of its newly expanded data center space in Eden Prairie, Minn. The $12 million construction project added about 6,000 square feet of raised floor to the Certified Tier III data center which is located in one of the fastest growing business marketplaces in the Twin Cities metro area. “We are excited...

2014-04-06 23:00:25

Mark Leach, scientist and author, speaks on his prairie research, April 10, at the Raw Deal, Menomonie, Wisconsin. Menomonie, Wisconsin (PRWEB) April 06, 2014 "Fire is the best conservation tool for Wisconsin's prairies," said Dr. Mark K. Leach, 59, author and scientist. Leach will discuss his long-time research into the role of fire in conserving and restoring Wisconsin's prairie vegetation at the Raw Deal. "I am very pleased that the Raw Deal asked me to speak on...

Shrubs Invade Remnant Hill Prairies
2014-03-11 16:18:39

University of Illinois Perched high on the bluffs of the big river valleys in the Midwest are some of the last remnants of never-farmed prairie grasslands. These patches, edged by forest, are slowly being taken over by shrubs. A recent University of Illinois study examined the soil microbes on nine patches, also called "balds," that had varying degrees of shrub invasion and found an interesting shift in the composition of the microbial community. "When we looked at the soil samples...

2014-02-27 23:02:03

New Concorde College Location Provides Expanded Education Opportunities and Community Partnerships Grand Prairie, Texas (PRWEB) February 27, 2014 To help meet the growing interest and demand in healthcare careers in the Grand Prairie/Dallas area, Concorde Career Institute has moved its Arlington campus to a brand new location in Grand Prairie, Texas. Concorde continues to experience a rise in the number of students interested in healthcare careers and wants to ensure they have the space...

2013-11-11 23:03:10

Dan Nedrelo, aka "The Snake Man," will speak on the natural history and conservation needs of reptiles and amphibians in Wisconsin. Economo E-Books and The Prairie Enthusiasts are proud to sponsor this "lecture," which begins at 6:30 pm, Thursday, November 14, at The Raw Deal, Monomonie, Wisconsin. Menomonie, WI (PRWEB) November 11, 2013 Snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, and more will be on tap at this Thursday’s Learners’ Lounge. Dan Nedrelo's live animal...

2013-10-24 23:34:55

Through over 50 vivid photographs and an earthy narrative, author Steve Hubner describes his 25 year experience helping the prairie to grow again where the dairy cows had chewed it nearly to oblivion. Dower's Prairie is not publicly accessible, and so this e-book is Hubner's way of sharing his love for this prairie. Menomonie, Wisconsin (PRWEB) October 24, 2013 Steve Hubner shares his love for restoring nature in his first e-book, “Dower’s Prairie Through the Seasons”. Over...

Diversity Helps To Maintain Grasslands During Drought
2012-08-09 10:21:11

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online As drought ravages grasslands across the United States, a few American scientists are looking into how different species of grass endure these harsh conditions. In a study that could impact everything from the beef industry to lawn care, a University of Kansas-led team examined the resilience of 426 species of grass from around the world and found that diversity is key in maintaining robust grasslands, according to their report...

Latest Prairie Reference Libraries

Central tall grasslands
2013-04-19 18:16:33

The Central tall grasslands are a prairie ecoregion of the Midwestern United States, a portion of the North American Great Plains. It covers a large region of southern Minnesota, most of Iowa, and a small portion of eastern South Dakota and a narrow strip going through eastern Nebraska and northeastern Kansas. The rainfall here is 1,000 millimeters per year, which is higher than most of the Great Plains. The Northern tall grasslands are located to the north and have fewer and different...

Central forest-grasslands transition
2013-04-19 18:13:27

The Central forest-grasslands transition are a prairie ecoregion of the central United States, a portion of the North American Great Plains. This is a great area that covers 157,000 square miles from central Illinois through the majority of Missouri, eastern Kansas, Oklahoma and into Texas. This region was conventionally a mixture of woodland and tall grass prairie, which as the soil is made up of highly fertile mollisols; most of the region has been transformed to farmland. The rainfall...

Aspen Parkland
2013-04-18 22:46:28

Aspen parkland is a reference to a very large area of transitional biome between prairie and boreal forest in two sections; the Peace River Country of northwestern Alberta that crosses the border into British Columbia, and a much larger area stretching from central Alberta, all across central Saskatchewan to south-central Manitoba near the US border. Aspen parkland is made up of groves of aspen poplars and spruce interspersed with areas of prairie grasslands, also intersected by large stream...

Black-tailed Prairie Dog, Cynomys ludovicianus
2012-07-25 06:59:18

The black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) is native to the United States, occurring in the Great Plains to both the border of Canada and Mexico. Its range includes areas in Mexico, but no longer includes Arizona. This species was one of two prairie dog species to be described by Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition. It prefers a habitat within grasslands, but their habitat choices do depend on soil type, rainfall, slope angles, and vegetation cover. The black-tailed prairie...

2006-12-12 14:39:19

The prairie dog (Cynomys) is a small, burrowing rodent native to the grasslands of North America. This stout-bodied rodent will grow to be between 12 and 16 inches (30 and 40 cm) long, including its short tail. They are found throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In the United States, prairie dogs are primarily found west of the Mississippi River. They have also been introduced into a few eastern locales. Biology and behavior The highly social prairie dogs live in large...

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