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Ocean Currents Responsible For Wetter Northern Hemisphere
2013-10-21 04:29:04

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online Ocean circulation is responsible for causing more tropical rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere than in the southern part of the world, according to new research published Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience. Scientists have long known that the Northern Hemisphere receives the majority of this type of precipitation. For example, the researchers note that Palmyra Atoll, located at 6 degrees north, receives 175 inches of rain...

101813 weather 001 header
2013-10-18 04:00:18

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from October 17: No severe weather was reported over the past 24 hours. There was, however, some sharp cold air marching into the Plains and extending southward towards Western Texas behind the frontal boundary. Big Story Weather Discussion for October 18: Surface Map: A weak upper level disturbance and the cold air associated with the high pressure will bring a line of showers and thunderstorms from the Northeast to the...

101713 weather 001 header
2013-10-17 04:00:20

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from October 16: No severe weather was reported yesterday except for heavy rainfall with places along the front seeing 1-3 inches of rain from the Dakotas to Texas. Winter weather hit the Rockies again with a few places getting upwards to 6 inches of snowfall. Big Story Weather Discussion for October 17: Surface Map: Low pressure over Southeastern Canada will bring another day of showers and thunderstorms across the...

101513 weather 001 header
2013-10-15 04:00:35

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from October 14: Heavy snows fell overnight across portions of Eastern Wyoming and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Showers and thunderstorms fell over the Plains along the boundary with multiple flooding reports from the Dakotas to Texas. Severe weather was fairly limited to 1.25 inch hail in Nebraska along with 60-70mph wind gusts in Nebraska along with Kansas. Big Story Weather Discussion for October 15: Surface Map:...

100413 weather 001 header
2013-10-04 04:00:55

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from October 3: Yesterday was a very active day from the perspective of severe weather and also winter weather. Severe weather consisted of 9 tornadoes over Eastern Nebraska along with hail the size of 2.75 inches and wind gusts around 60-70mph. Winter weather consisted of snowfall in excess of 1ft for parts of Wyoming. Big Story Weather Discussion for October 4: Surface Map: High pressure along the Mid-Atlantic coast...

100313 weather 001 header
2013-10-03 04:00:08

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from October 2: Severe weather was limited to hail around 1.75 inches in Nebraska along with damaging winds of 60-65mph over Nebraska. Winter weather started ramping up last night with heavy snowfall already starting to hit the Rockies of Wyoming and Montana with some places already picked up over 6 inches of snowfall. Big Story Weather Discussion for October 3: Surface Map: High pressure over the Mid-Atlantic will bring...

091713 weather 001 header
2013-09-17 04:00:08

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 16: High pressure over the Great Lakes and Northeast brought another round of frost and freeze conditions to the region. The Southwest dealt with another day of heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Severe weather was limited. The largest hail was recorded in Texas at 1.0-inch. The strongest winds occurred in Montana with gusts between 60-70mph. Tropical Storm Ingrid brought heavy rainfall to Mexico and also...

091613 weather 001 header
2013-09-16 04:00:10

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 13-15: The big story from this weekend was the continued flooding throughout Colorado and New Mexico with both places seeing an additional 6 plus inches of rainfall. The heat continued over portions of the Plains with temps in the upper 90’s again. Tropical impacts started to move in over Southern Texas with higher seas, flooding rains and gusty winds. Severe weather was limited this past weekend to 1.0-inch hail on...

091213 weather 001 header
2013-09-12 04:00:25

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from September 11: The heat continued over the Plains and into the Mid-Atlantic yesterday with high temps in the 90-100F range. Severe weather included one tornado in Northern Minnesota and 1.75in hail in Illinois. The strongest winds occurred in Upstate New York with gusts around 60-70mph. Big Story Weather Discussion for September 12: Surface Map: Low pressure moving through Southeast Canada will bring a cold front...

083013 weather 001 header
2013-08-30 04:00:35

redOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from August 29: The heat continued to bake the Plains yesterday from Dallas to North Dakota with temps in the 90’s and 100’s along with heat index values near 110. Severe weather was limited, however there were two tornadoes both in Minnesota. The largest hail was reported in Minnesota as well at 1.75 inches. The strongest wind gusts came from Montana and Utah in the 70-80mph range. Big Story Weather Discussion for August...

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Urban Heat Island
2013-04-02 15:35:21

An urban heat island (UHI) is a metropolitan area that is drastically warmer than its surrounding rural areas because of human activities. The phenomenon was first looked into and described by Luke Howard during the 1810s, although he wasn’t the one to name the phenomenon. The difference in temperature is normally bigger at night as opposed to during the day, and it most obvious when winds are weak. Seasonally, UHI is seen during the summer and the winter. The key cause of the urban heat...

Weather Education - Orographic Thunderstorms
2013-01-13 09:40:16

Orographic thunderstorms are formed when the air is pushed up a mountain side. This type of thunderstorm is found only on the windward side of a mountain range. In the United States we would find these types of thunderstorms on the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains and also on the western slopes of the Appalachians. Things that make this thunderstorm important: First of all they only form in certain geographical places on the earth as mentioned above. But they can form anywhere in the...

Rare Snow Visits South Africa August 7, 8 2012
2012-08-08 09:26:03

The area in red in the above image has been experiencing winter weather which is quite rare to the region; also at this time many places are still seeing rain and snow. From the South African Weather Service, they are forecasting for the Eastern Cape “Very Cold with snow heavy at times.” The majority of the regions in red in the image are going to see more rain and snow today, and some places may see heavy snowfall. Looking at forecast models of the region they will continue to see...

Winter Weather Outlook For November-January For Austin Texas
2012-12-29 12:33:08

November 2012:  The area is going to see a warm start to the month as temps will average in the 60-70F range with a few days rising into the 80’s and also a few days in the 50’s possible. Precipitation on the whole will be around 2-4inches for the month; while there will be none in the form of snowfall. There will be a high chance for an overnight freeze during the month. December 2012:  Temps will fall for the month of December as high temps will be in the 50-70F range during the...

Precipitation Record For Spokane WA Area First Six Months Of 2012
2012-07-01 11:32:28

January 2012: Started out dry as the area only received 1.06in of rainfall which is about .76in below normal leading to an annual deficit of .76in. February 2012: Followed in January’s footsteps as being dry again; the area got only .99in of rainfall which lead to the annual deficit becoming 1.01in. March 2012: The area received a nice welcoming 3.29in of rainfall on the month which is about 1.92in above normal and brought the annual amount back to a positive 1.08in. April 2012:...

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