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2009-01-06 06:50:00

New research finds that a genetic defect test performed during early pregnancy appears to increase the chances that a baby will be born with an infantile hemangioma, or birthmark.

2008-11-18 09:45:56

A "chip" or array that can quickly detect disorders such as Down syndrome or other diseases associated with chromosomal abnormalities proved an effective tool in prenatal diagnosis in a series of 300 cases at Baylor College of Medicine.

2008-10-28 09:00:07

Sequenom, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQNM) today announced the launch of an independent, prospective, multi-center observational study to document the performance of Sequenom's SEQureDx(TM) Trisomy 21 technology for Down syndrome based upon Sequenom's SEQureDx Technology.

2008-10-07 07:00:00

Scientists say a prenatal blood test can determine if an unborn baby has Down’s syndrome, without the risk to the fetus from past invasive testing methods, according to US researchers.

2008-10-06 18:00:36

Pregnant women worried about their babies' genetic health face a tough decision: get prenatal gene testing and risk miscarriage, or skip the tests and miss the chance to learn of genetic defects before birth. But a new prenatal test could make this dilemma obsolete.

2008-09-08 12:00:08

By Mary Jo Balasco / mbalasco@heraldonline.com Suzanne Pressley, 22 weeks pregnant with her second child, recently saw her unborn daughter in 3D and 4D - a type of ultrasound imaging that lets parents-to-be see a lifelike, three-dimensional view of their baby with movement.

2008-09-07 15:00:07

By CAROLINE DOHACK Your obstetrician is there to make sure you and your baby are healthy from conception to delivery. That's why choosing the right doctor is important.

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