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2012-12-18 05:01:32

Many people seeking information in the way of astrological reports or tarot readings often have to pay a nominal fee to access such services, until now. In addition to their wide range of services and offerings, Astro Clairvoyant Norah Guide and Premium Astrology are now offering a number of these services at no cost to their loyal friends and followers in the way of free daily astrological forecasts and free daily tarot readings through their social media platforms. Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB)...

2012-12-13 05:04:08

Premium Astrology offers the service of astrological reports, transit period guides, and an abundance of free resources and tools for those seeking company and support on their own individual path of enlightenment. Because every person´s path is different than another´s, Premium Astrology has put together an extraordinary client care team that puts the “C” in care when it comes to their commitment to a superior quality of product and service for each and every one of...

2012-12-11 05:02:16

Certified Astro Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology provides astrological reports, transit period information and guides, and forecasts to men and women all over the globe with stunning accuracy and reliability. Now, for the first time ever, Norah Guide is taking her psychic gifts and predictions public by publishing her predictions for 2013 to the Norah Guide social media platform so that all of her loyal readers and clients can access the same information simultaneously....

2012-12-11 05:00:33

Certified Astro-Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology has been working for decades in the field of astrology to help people navigate the transit periods of their lives. Now for the first time ever, Norah Guide is taking her services to the next level by creating an even more intimate walk with her clients and readings by providing discussions on all facets of enlightenment through her social media platforms to help others become more aware of their inner psychic abilities. Phoenix,...

2012-12-08 05:00:36

Certified Astro Clairvoyant Norah Guide with Premium Astrology has been providing astrological reports, transit period guides, and astrological forecasts to men and women across the globe for years. Insight gained from transit period information can provide clarity and direction in the lives of those seeking education and enlightenment through the use of astrological reports, and is now provided by Norah Guide and Premium Astrology through their wide range of services. Phoenix, Arizona...

2012-12-04 05:01:12

Premium Astrology has been in the business of providing information and services through astrological reports and a wide variety of other services for many years. As a result, their growing base of loyal customers and clients is testament to the superior quality of service and the level of experiences one will have when engaging in the services of Premium Astrology. Whether one is getting an astrological report from the wisdom of Certified Astro Clairvoyant Norah Guide, or engaging in any of...

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  • Like a worm in form or movement; vermiform; tortuous or sinuous; also, writhing or wriggling.
  • Like the track or trace of a worm; appearing as if worm-eaten; vermiculate.
  • Marked with fine, close-set, wavy or tortuous lines of color; vermiculated.
  • A form of rusticated masonry which is so wrought as to appear thickly indented with worm-tracks.
This word ultimately comes from the Latin 'vermis,' worm.