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Space Around Other People Perceived Just As Our Own
2013-09-05 16:14:56

Karolinska Institutet A study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden has shown that neurons in our brain 'mirror' the space near others, just as if this was the space near ourselves. The study, published in the scientific journal Current Biology, sheds new light on a question that has long preoccupied psychologists and neuroscientists regarding the way in which the brain represents other people and the events that happens to those people. "We usually experience others as clearly separated...

2011-08-15 15:13:59

New study shows auditory-motor integration located in a different part of the brain Hearing Beethoven while reciting Shakespeare can suppress even a King's stutter, as recently illustrated in the movie "The King's Speech". This dramatic but short-lived effect of hiding the sound of one's own speech indicates that the integration of hearing and motor functions plays some role in the fluency (or dysfluency) of speech. New research has shown that in adults who have stuttered since childhood the...

2009-07-06 18:00:00

Canadian scientists say they've determined the use of magnetic brain stimulation results in an improved ability to learn a skilled motor task. University of British Columbia scientists said they studied transcranial magnetic stimulation of the dorsal premotor cortex region of the brain. They said they found skilled movements can be stored as memories and magnetic stimulation of that brain area can facilitate the learning process. A group of volunteers received four days of training, during...

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