Latest Presidents of South Korea Stories

2006-02-01 22:03:17

By Lee Suwan and Jon Herskovitz SEOUL (Reuters) - North and South Korea are in talks to allow former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung to visit the North in April, an aide to Kim said on Thursday.

2006-01-28 20:12:03

By Jon Herskovitz - Analysis SEOUL (Reuters) - A U.S. crackdown on North Korean finances has not only hit Pyongyang hard but also exposed a divide between Washington and Seoul that the two governments may have trouble bridging, analysts said.

2005-11-17 00:01:57

SEOUL (Reuters) - Chinese President Hu Jintao pledged his support for eventual reunification of the two Koreas in a speech to South Korea's parliament on Thursday and said China's relations with the South were "entering their best period ever." In an upbeat speech on his second day of a state visit, Hu said the two countries -- former enemies who established relations just in 1992 -- should cooperate to foster stability in northeast Asia.

2005-11-08 01:40:05

By Martin Nesirky and Lee Suwan SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's president announced on Tuesday he would meet Japan's prime minister next week despite a visit by the Japanese leader to a war shrine that angered Seoul.

2005-11-06 05:31:40

SEOUL (Reuters) - A Korean-American who spent about eight years in jail for illegally passing U.S. military secrets to Seoul returned to South Korea on Sunday where he was given a heroes' welcome.

2005-11-06 03:22:12

By Jon Herskovitz SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea will likely abstain on a U.N. resolution to condemn North Korea for human rights abuses, a government official said, prompting an opposition politician to accuse Seoul of harboring double standards.

2005-10-28 02:15:29

SEOUL (Reuters) - The leaders of South Korea's ruling Uri Party resigned en masse on Friday to take responsibility for a setback in parliamentary by-elections this week in which candidates from the main opposition swept all available seats.

2005-10-21 07:13:59

By Paul Eckert, Asia Correspondent, and Jack Kim SEOUL (Reuters) - Responding to South Korea's bid for a greater role in its own defense, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Friday that Washington was open to discussing Seoul's desire to assume wartime control of its troops.

2005-10-04 09:41:16

By Martin Nesirky SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea needs to become an advanced country in the next decade or it probably never will, the woman who could be the next president said on Tuesday.

2005-10-04 09:17:22

By Paul Holmes and David Schlesinger SEOUL (Reuters) - When South Korean opposition leader Park Geun-hye went to meet President Roh Moo-hyun at his official residence last month it was, if only for an instant, as if she were coming home.

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