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2012-10-09 04:01:33

Watersolutions AG introduces the Watersolutions LTD system, a patented, cost-effective thermal process for seawater desalination based on the principle of low temperature distillation (LTD). Simple to install, robust and highly efficient with low running and maintenance costs, the Watersolutions LTD System can achieve significant savings in operating costs (OPEX) excluding depreciation, which are projected at only 1/3 -1/2 of existing processes. Unlike conventional desalination technologies,...

2011-06-01 12:54:19

In this month's Physics World, Jason Reese, Weir Professor of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the University of Strathclyde, describes the role that carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could play in the desalination of water, providing a possible solution to the problem of the world's ever-growing population demanding more and more fresh drinking water. Global population projections suggest that worldwide demand for water will increase by a third before 2030. But with more than a billion people...

2011-01-28 07:25:00

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Jan. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectra Watermakers Inc., a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination systems and energy recovery pumps, is proud to present their latest product development, the SP-20 Pearson Pump. Spectra Watermakers' new 20 gpm version of the Pearson Pump is an elegant new high-pressure pump innovation that has been developed for energy efficient Reverse Osmosis desalination of seawater and brackish water. The Pearson Pump is an evolution...

2010-04-21 06:40:00

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectra Watermakers Inc., a leading Northern California manufacturer of energy-efficient reverse osmosis (RO) sea water desalination systems and energy recovery pumps for the marine and land-based water treatment business, announced the successful life testing of their latest high-pressure energy recovery pump. "The next model in the Pearson Pump line is performing at less than 2KWH of energy per Ton of fresh water from sea water," said Bill...

2009-07-15 12:12:14

U.S. engineers say they've developed a portable water desalination system that can substantially reduce the costs and time involved in producing clean water. The UCLA researchers said their new mini-mobile-modular smart water desalination and filtration system called M3 also provides an all-in-one mobile testing plant that can be used to test nearly any water source. The advantages of this type of system are that it can cut costs, and because it is mobile, only one M3 system needs to be built...

2009-01-15 10:23:33

 Water and energy are two resources on which modern society depends. As demands for these increase, researchers look to alternative technologies that promise both sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Engineered osmosis holds a key to addressing both the global need for affordable clean water and inexpensive sustainable energy according to Yale researchers.Yale doctoral student Robert McGinnis and his advisor Menachem Elimelech, Chair of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,...

2008-11-03 09:00:32

Energy Recovery, Inc. ("ERI") (NASDAQ:ERII), a global leader of ultra-high-efficiency energy recovery products and technology for desalination, announced that it was awarded the energy recovery contract for the expansion of the Tordera seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant near Barcelona. The production capacity of the plant will double to 55,000 m3/d (14.5 MGD) of fresh water. The Tordera plant expansion will be constructed by a consortium consisting of Spanish companies,...

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