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Apple Denies DOJ Price Fixing EBook Allegations
2013-06-04 11:25:05

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Apple and the Department of Justice (DOJ) began what is expected to be a three-week long courtroom battle yesterday in a case concerning alleged antitrust behavior by the iPad maker. Last year the DOJ lobbed an antitrust lawsuit at Apple, claiming they and five other publishers had conspired to fix their book prices and band together to beat Amazon. Each of the five publishers settled with the DOJ in the months following this...

Apple’s eBook Price-Fixing Trial Scheduled To Start Monday
2013-06-03 07:15:36

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports — Your Universe Online Apple will head to a Manhattan federal courtroom Monday to answer accusations that they conspired with multiple publishers to increase eBook prices on the eve of the iPad launch in 2010. According to Brian X. Chen and Julie Bosman of the New York Times, the case, which was brought against the Cupertino, California-based tech giant by the US Justice Department, accuses Apple and five publishers (HarperCollins, Penguin Group,...

AT&T Lawsuit Against LCD Manufacturers Reinstated
2013-02-16 08:38:29

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports — Your Universe Online Part of AT&T´s price-fixing lawsuit against liquid crystal display panel manufacturers has been reinstated by a US federal appeals court, various media outlets have reported. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued the ruling on Thursday, reversing a lower court ruling and reinstating the telecom giant´s claims. The decision, which was made by a panel of three judges, allows AT&T to...

Macmillan Finally Settles
2013-02-08 19:06:43

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online And then, there was one. Last April, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) brought a lawsuit against Apple and five book publishers, claiming these companies had conspired together to fix book prices in order to defeat Amazon. Not looking for any trouble, three of these book publishers settled immediately, leaving Macmillan and Penguin left to fight the DOJ alongside Apple. Penguin reached a settlement this past December....

LCD TV Makers Penalized In China For Price-Fixing
2013-01-04 12:44:07

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online LCD television manufacturers who have been previously convicted of price-fixing have now met justice in China. LG, Samsung and 4 other Taiwanese companies have been fined a total of $56 million for fixing the prices of their flat-panel TVs.  Part of their penalty involves paying back Chinese television manufacturers who paid too much for their LCDs. This ruling also marks the first time a foreign company has been...

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