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2012-03-12 16:46:49

While the political debate over Web privacy is just warming up in the US, a British watchdog group argues that Google´s recently revised privacy policy conflicts with the UK´s Data Protection Act. At a conference held last Thursday in Westminster, England´s deputy Information Commissioner David Smith called Google´s new privacy terms “too vague.” In what it insists was a change intended to streamline and personalize the user´s Internet...

Google+ To Allow Pseudonyms
2012-01-25 06:10:57

Google+ is making the move to allow pseudonyms and nicknames in registered accounts. But users must prove their pseudonym has already attracted an audience. According to Google executive Bradley Horowitz, 0.1% of applicants file name appeals.  Mr. Horowitz says users asking for the appeals fall into three categories. They either want to add a nickname, businesses that are inadvertently applying for a personal page, rather than a Google+ Pages, and those wishing to use a...

2011-04-13 06:10:00

Microsoft has launched its own version of Google's StreetView across Europe. The software giant partnered with Nokia-owned Navteq to send cars fitted with cameras to snap images around London and start mapping major cities on the continent next month. The service is already available in 56 U.S. towns and cities. Microsoft has been known to avoid the privacy concerns that dogged Google's service, but the company said that it will still be gathering Wi-Fi data. According to the company's...

2009-03-24 13:05:47

The Information Commissioner (ICO) has issued a formal complaint over Google's Street View service, which has been the subject of numerous privacy and safety concerns in the last few weeks, BBC News reported. Privacy International (PI), a lobby group, has cited more than 200 reports from members of the public who have been identified by Street View, asking the service to shut down while the ICO investigations continue. Google said, however, that the ICO had repeatedly supported Street View's...

2008-11-03 15:30:00

As Google Inc. continues its steady rise as the most dominant source on the Web, many users are becoming increasingly cautious about the amount of power the Web giant could have. Certainly an expected amount of criticism comes from the Justice Department over Google's proposed ad partnership with Yahoo Inc. That deal could allow both firms to change the prices of online ads because they have so much control over that market. But average users seem to be irked by privacy concerns due to...

2008-07-15 18:00:20

A CAMERA car thought to belong to internet giant Google has again been spotted in the Capital. Last week, the Evening News reported how the vehicles are touring the city, photographing roads, landmarks and pedestrians. Google has refused to deny its cars are in Edinburgh, but is remaining secretive over which cities will be included in the new UK version of its controversial Street View service. Street View offers virtual street-level city tours in an extension to the popular Google...

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