Latest Procrastination Stories

2008-09-26 00:00:23

By Robert Hanks John McCain's desire to suspend campaigning and postpone tonight's presidential debate in order to pay more attention to the crisis on Wall Street puzzled observers. After all, they pointed out, Abraham Lincoln ran for re-election while the American Civil War was still on the go, and both Churchill and FDR managed to take time out from the Second World War for their campaigns. Why did a few jitters on Wall Street weigh so much more heavily on a mere senator, especially one...

2007-01-11 16:15:00

WASHINGTON -- Procrastination in society is getting worse and scientists are finally getting around to figuring out how and why. Too many tempting diversions are to blame, but more on that later. After 10 years of research on a project that was only supposed to take five years, a Canadian industrial psychologist found in a giant study that not only is procrastination on the rise, it makes people poorer, fatter and unhappier. Something has to be done about it, sooner rather than later,...

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