Latest Profanity Stories

2012-02-21 22:00:00

3,349 respondents participated in the 1st February American Pulse conducted 2/13-2/20/2012, utilizing BIGinsight™ and reInvention survey panels.

Colorado Legislature Beefs-Up Fracking Regulations
2011-12-15 06:15:46

The Colorado state legislature passed new laws this week intended to more closely regulate the natural gas extraction technique known as fracking.

Profanity In TV And Video Games Linked To Teen Aggression
2011-10-17 03:56:26

While it's been long established that watching violent scenes increases aggression levels, a new study in the medical journal Pediatrics suggests that profanity in the media may have a similar effect.

2011-09-07 13:53:59

With a technology called "fracking" sparking energy booms — and controversy — worldwide, Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) describes advances in the workhorse materials used to produce oil and gas from previously inaccessible deposits deep below Earth's surface.

2011-04-18 11:20:00

Stubbed your toe lately or smashed a finger? Then you very likely uttered an expletive or two and felt better.

2011-01-26 10:50:00

Four letter words may offend you more depending on which television channel you watch.

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