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Latest Project Stormfury Stories

2012-08-23 20:57:10

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Scientists are turning what some could think of as "evil genius science", and using it for good, by developing a way to turn down the rage of a hurricane. A team of scientists claim they have a technique that could reduce hurricane intensity by a category. The authors wrote in the journal Atmospheric Science Letters that they could use cloud seeding as a technique to decrease sea surface temperatures, where hurricanes form....

2007-03-01 15:35:00

WASHINGTON -- Watching for changes in the inner eyewall of a hurricane may help forecasters overcome one of their most perplexing challenges: predicting sudden strengthening or weakening. The ability to predict what path a hurricane will follow has improved dramatically in recent years, but anticipating sudden changes in intensity has remained a problem. And knowing a hurricane's strength is vital to making decisions about evacuating areas when a storm approaches. Now, a research team led by...

2005-09-23 07:05:29

DENVER -- It sounds like a great idea: Let's just blast hurricanes like Rita and Katrina out of the sky before they hurt more people. Or, at least weaken the storms and steer them away from cities. Atmospheric scientists say it's wishful thinking that we could destroy or even influence something as huge and powerful as a hurricane. They abandoned such a quest years ago after more than two decades of inconclusive government-sponsored research. Private companies have conducted tests on a much...