Latest Protein folding Stories

2009-08-24 14:00:00


2009-08-06 15:04:18

Rice University physicists have written the next chapter in an innovative approach for studying the forces that shape proteins -- the biochemical workhorses of all living things.

2009-07-29 13:22:19

Most parts of living organisms come packaged with ribbons. The ribbons are proteins—chains of amino acids that must fold into three-dimensional structures to work properly.

2009-06-02 09:10:00

A new method to induce protein folding by taking the pressure off of proteins is up to 100 times faster than previous methods, and could help guide more accurate computer simulations for how complex proteins fold.

2009-03-17 09:14:15

A U.S. study suggests an imbalance of iron homeostasis is a common feature of prion disease-affected human, mouse and hamster brains. Dr.

2009-03-13 13:03:31

Imbalance of iron homeostasis is a common feature of prion disease-affected human, mouse, and hamster brains, according to a new study by Dr. Neena Singh and colleagues at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, alongside collaborators from Creighton University.

2009-03-03 08:25:25

Sometimes known as "nature's origami", the way that proteins fold is vital to ensuring they function correctly. But researchers at the University of Leeds have discovered this is a 'hit and miss' process, with proteins potentially folding wrongly many times before they form the correct structure for their intended purpose.

2008-11-11 09:00:08

A recent study of Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM) has enabled a new understanding of the rare and fatal disease.

2008-10-07 09:00:14

FoldRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (FoldRx) today announced that enrollment is underway in an open-label Phase II clinical study with its lead drug candidate, Fx-1006A, for patients suffering from TTR Amyloid Cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM).

2007-11-23 19:08:46

Scientists are one step closer to understanding how proteins move when they perform functions essential for supporting life.

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