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China Finally Willing To Crack Down On Trademark Infringement
2012-12-25 07:11:18

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online It´s a different world in China, one where intellectual property and trademarks aren´t as closely guarded as they are in the United States. Apple in 2012 had one such issue with trademark infringement in China as the bankrupt and failing Proview Technology took Apple to task over their use of the word “iPad” to sell their popular tablet. Apple later succumbed to mounting legal pressure and paid Proview...

Apple Faces Siri Lawsuit In China
2012-07-06 05:56:24

Big trouble in not-so-little China Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Just as they wrap up one legal brouhaha in China, another one begins. Apple is now the target of a new suit in Shanghai as a voice application developer, Zhizhen Network Technology, is reportedly suing Apple over their Intelligent Digital Assistant, Siri. Zhizhen is alleging that Apple has infringed upon a patent they hold related to "a type of instant messaging chat bot system" they...

Apple Pays Proview $60 Million, Could Finally Bring New iPad To The East
2012-07-02 12:51:44

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Some of Apple´s high-profile legal battles have come to a close in recent weeks. Paying out a nice, round $2 million to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Cupertino company appeased their federal court system for labeling their iPad as 4G in the Land Down Under. A few days later, Judge Richard Posner threw out, with prejudice, Apple´s patent infringement case with Motorola,  while Judge Lucy...

California Sticks By Their Man, Rejects Proview’s Suit Against Apple
2012-05-09 12:21:50

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Apple may be having some trouble gaining ground in their fight against the starving Proview in China, but here in America, the courts are siding with their own. Yesterday, news was released about a California judge who threw out Proview Electronics´ suit against Apple over the iPad trademark in China. Judge Mark Pierce from the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County actually approved Apple´s motion to dismiss the suit on May 4th, but...

Chinese Official Sides With Proview In Apple iPad Debate
2012-04-24 14:09:47

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Apple may end up losing the rights to the name of their popular tablet device in China. A top Chinese official has sided with Proview Technology in a case over the iPad trademark. Such a decision could mean Apple would lose the right to the iPad name in China, forcing them to give it another name. Proview Technology, based in Shenzhen, has been locked in a legal battle with Apple over the rights to the name iPad since it was first released in 2010. Both...

Apple, Proview Reportedly Meet Regarding iPad Trademark Issue
2012-04-21 04:39:49

Apple and the Chinese firm Proview have entered into discussions hoping to resolve an ongoing dispute over the ownership of the iPad  trademark, a lawyer involved in the legal proceedings told IDG News Service on Friday. According to reporter Michael Kan, Ma Dongxiao, who represents Proview, confirmed to IDG that the talks were happening, but did not elaborate further on the matter. Kan notes that the dispute between the two companies is still being deliberated by the Higher...

In A Reversal Of Roles, Chinese Writers Sue Apple For Copyright Violations
2012-03-20 03:35:52

A handful of leading Chinese authors have filed three separate lawsuits against Apple Inc over the weekend, seeking an estimated total of $3.7 million in damages for alleged copyright infringements. All in all, 22 writers have registered complaints alleging that the California-based tech giant sold unlicensed versions of 95 of their works on its online iTunes store. Of these, 12 authors have already filed three separate lawsuits involving 59 books with the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate Court....

Proview Claims Apple 'Misrepresented Itself' In Updated US Lawsuit
2012-02-28 14:05:31

Proview is now taking its trademark battle with Apple to the global level, accusing the company of fraud and unfair competition. The company said in a press release on Monday that it had amended its lawsuit filed in California's Superior Court this month. It is seeking unspecified compensation from Apple due to "unfair competition", as well as the company's use of the iPad trademark. Proview insists it owns the iPad name, despite Apple's claims that it bought the name from the...

iPad Trademark Dispute Moves To Apple's Home Turf
2012-02-24 10:39:36

After a Chinese court ruled in favor of Apple in a trademark lawsuit brought by Proview, the company has now taken the dispute to Apple´s front door. Proview International Holdings Ltd, a major computer monitor maker that has fallen on hard times, lost that case in a Chinese court and has now filed suit in California over the matter, reports Edwin Chan and Lee Chyen Yee of Reuters. Apple claimed that Proview violated the sales contract by failing to transfer the trademark rights in...

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