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Exclusive Species More Prevalent On Higher Altitude Islands
2012-04-11 03:47:30

In the ecosystems of islands with high mountains, endemic animal and vegetation species are twice as isolated, making them even more exclusive. A European study with Spanish involvement confirms this, which adds the factor of altitude to wider biodiversity. Oceanic islands are born, they grow, they are eroded and they disappear beneath the sea. Throughout this process, which takes millions of years, the islands change form and therefore change their 'tenants'. The species adapt to the new...

2006-08-19 12:58:25

MADRID (Reuters) - Hundreds of illegal migrants reached the shores of Spain's Canary Islands at the weekend after traveling in wooden boats from West Africa, the islands' emergency services said on Saturday. Six boats carrying 506 people landed on Tenerife and La Gomera on Friday. On Saturday another two reached Tenerife and one came ashore on the smaller island of Hierro with 320 Africans on board between them, a spokeswoman said. Reception centers on the Canary Islands, off the...