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2009-09-27 23:10:20

LSD is back in labs after years of disrepute, joining other hallucinogens as legitimate subjects of research, a researcher in Santa Cruz, Calif., said. The first new studies of LSD in human subjects started at Harvard University last year.

2009-07-27 14:31:53

Two U.S.

2008-08-22 15:00:29

By RAYMOND A. EDEL The Frelinghuysen Arboretum has expanded its cellphone tour service. The Morris Township facility has added a self-guided tour of its coleus plantings. Patrons can dial a number to hear Ray Rogers talk about almost 20 coleus cultivars growing in the Scherer Garden.

2006-02-24 05:04:30

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has agreed to pay compensation to three servicemen given the mind-altering drug LSD during tests in the 1950s, the government said on Friday.

2006-01-13 13:14:52

BASEL, Switzerland (Reuters) - The 100-year-old Swiss chemist who discovered the psychedelic drug LSD said on Friday the secret to his longevity was the eggs he eats for breakfast and not the mind-bending drug.

2006-01-11 14:11:52

By Tom Armitage ZURICH (Reuters) - Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who discovered the mind-bending drug LSD, celebrated his 100th birthday on Wednesday, still sprightly some 60 years after taking his first trip.

2005-09-01 23:25:00

It was the drug of choice on university campuses, the drug that spawned psychedelic culture as well as countless jail sentences and fines, but LSD actually has respectable roots—roots that a McMaster University researcher is uncovering.

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