Latest Psychiatric nursing Stories

2013-12-09 10:05:03

Psychiatric nurses offer a missing and critical point of view in treating adolescents in foster care who have mental health issues.

2013-11-25 23:30:01

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) is currently accepting applications for the new Virtual Nursing Academy of APNA Champions for Smoking Cessation.

2013-11-19 16:52:13

Non-specialist health workers are beneficial in providing treatment for people with mental, neurological and substance-abuse (MNS) problems in developing countries – where there is often a lack of mental health professionals – according to a new Cochrane review.

2013-11-11 23:02:42

Give an Hour's network of licensed mental health professionals has given more than 104,000 hours of mental health services to military community. Washington,

2013-10-09 23:01:28

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) is thrilled to now provide its members, as a part of their APNA membership, with the option of eMembership in the American Nurses Association

2013-09-18 23:32:04

10 graduate and 10 undergraduate nursing students have been named recipients of the inaugural APNA Board of Directors Student Scholarship, which includes complimentary registration, travel and

2013-08-27 23:27:03

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association has issued a position paper, Competency-based Training for Nurse Generalists: Inpatient Intervention and Prevention of Suicide, which is printed in

2013-08-20 23:26:25

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association announces an online resource, http://www.apna.org/ACA, which provides information on the current

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