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narcissism and empathy
2014-05-31 05:30:58

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online If you know a narcissist or are one yourself, then you know how the condition leads to an inflated sense of self-importance combined with a deep need for admiration. At its root, narcissism is actually a cleverly constructed mask worn by those with a low or fragile self-esteem. Like the many other personality disorders, narcissistic personality disorder causes the affected to behave in a manner that limits their ability to function...

2013-01-09 05:02:25

Narcissistic Personality Disorder has continued to garner increased media attention over the past year. While many experts have weighed in on the topic of narcissism, we have yet to hear from a survivor - until now. San Luis Obispo, Calif. (PRWEB) January 08, 2013 “Divorcing a Narcissist- One Mom´s Battle” -Due to several high-profile divorce cases such as Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley, Narcissistic Personality Disorder has continued to garner increased media attention...

2012-03-12 14:52:46

Although high levels of narcissism can impair ethical judgment regardless of one's religious orientation or orthodox beliefs, narcissism is more harmful in those who might be expected to be more ethical, according to a Baylor University study published online in the Journal of Business Ethics. "Devout people who are narcissistic and exercise poor ethical judgment would be committing acts that are, according to their own internalized value system, blatantly hypocritical," said Marjorie J....

2008-07-02 06:00:18

By McLemee, Scott REFLECTING SCHOOLS FRENCH THEORY: HOW FOUCAULT, DERRIDA, DELEUZE, & CO. TRANSFORMED THE INTELLECTUAL LIFE OF THE UNITED STATES BY FRANCOIS CUSSET, TRANSLATED BY JEFF FORT MINNEAPOLIS: UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESS. 408 PAGES. $25. If two mirrors are turned face-to- face, each will reflect the other's reflection of itself, and so on. Thus is generated (at least in theory) an image that resembles a tunnel going on forever-albeit to nowhere in particular. In practice, of...

2008-06-26 09:03:11

By Mary Owen, Chicago Tribune Jun. 26--Dr. Marian Tolpin's pioneering work at the Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis provided fresh perspectives on childhood development and adult behavior, and influenced approaches to psychiatric treatment. Dr. Tolpin was part of a group in the 1970s that worked with psychoanalyst Heinz Kohut, whose groundbreaking ideas became what is now known as self-psychology. Throughout her career, she elaborated on these ideas and lectured worldwide about them....

2007-03-31 03:00:09

By Rohman, Carrie This essay suggests that West's story exposes forms of racialized and gendered mastery that are coded as a failed attempt to eliminate and transcend animality. The exposure is read as a sophisticated commentary on species anxiety in modernist literature, a rhetorical problem that is still critically under-thought. Modernist critics in the last decade have recuperated the work of Rebecca West, a British writer noted for her construction of "female epics" and feminist...

2004-11-25 03:00:00

French theory is dead. Long may it live. IT'S A BITTERSWEET TIME for those of us who, once upon a time, fell in love with "theory." Theory-that's the brusque American shorthand term for the work of a group of mostly French philosophers and cultural critics, from Michel Foucault to Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrida to Jacques Lacan, Luce Irigaray to Jean Baudrillard. Beginning in the late 1960s, their ideas about the nature of language, the truth claims of philosophy, the ways power is exerted...

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