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Water Helps Elephants Keep Their Cool On Hot Summer Days
2013-07-11 15:18:53

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Researchers writing in The Journal of Experimental Biology say that elephants depend on water to keep cool during the hot months. Elephants are known to keep cool in a number of ways, including using their enormous ears as fans or radiators. They also depend on their hair to keep from being overheated. However, the species rarely stray away from water, so scientists decided to look into the role evaporative cooling plays in keeping...

2013-07-09 23:22:17

Water Researcher Sharon Kleyne believes that skin and eyes are most vulnerable to humidity changes. Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) July 09, 2013 Changes in the air’s water vapor and humidity, reports water and health researcher Sharon Kleyne, are creating a global health crisis that is expected to continue indefinitely. The primary effect of these humidity changes is dehydration. Skin and eyes, because they are on the surface of the body, are more vulnerable than other body organs to...

2013-06-30 23:18:59

Humidity is a critical component of a wide spectrum of manufacturing and testing processes in small areas. Smart Fog introduces an environmental chambers commercial humidifier to meet the demanding challenges. Reno, NV (PRWEB) June 29, 2013 Smart Fog Inc announced this week the release of commercial humidifiers providing many features to meet the demanding needs of small chambers. Small spaces provide many challenges to traditional commercial humidifiers. The limited space in the small...

2013-06-29 23:00:44

R.S. Andrews has been chosen as a prime distributor and installer in Johns Creek GA for the top rated Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Dehumidifiers from Lennox. The contractor recommends installing a whole house dehumidifier to lower the load on air conditioners, which improves the comfort and health of the occupants, lowers utility bills and reduces breakdowns. Johns Creek, Georgia (PRWEB) June 29, 2013 R.S. Andrews in has been chosen by Lennox as the Prime contractor for the top rated...

2013-06-28 23:22:36

VoiceAmerica Radio Show Host Sharon Kleyne Explores Water from Dehydration to Water Wars to Humidity to Lawns Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) June 28, 2013 The Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® show, on VoiceAmerica Internet radio, has announced that the world’s most valuable commodity is – water. The show’s objective is to explore all aspects of water with listeners and guest experts, and to provide a fresh global perspective on this fundamental commodity. Since 2007, the weekly...

2013-06-28 23:16:34

The new printing humidifier provides a new level of precision to printing humidification. Smart Fog will present the clean, comfort, electro static suppression and non-wetting features of the commercial humidifier at the coming PRINT 13 exhibition in Chicago. Reno, NV (PRWEB) June 28, 2013 Smart Fog Inc announced this week the exhibition of a fully operating commercial humidifier at the coming PRINT 13 show in Chicago. Humidification is critical throughout the printing operation. The...

2013-06-27 23:01:47

Air Specialist Heating and Air is an A+ rated contractor serving Houston TX and the surrounding area. Lower the loads placed on air conditioning equipment during this heat wave by removing humidity with a whole house dehumidifier. Houston, TX (PRWEB) June 27, 2013 Houston area temperatures are exceeding 100 degrees F this week. Homeowners in the area can relieve some of the load on the cooling system and not lower comfort levels by reducing the humidity. Low humidity air feels cooler. The...

2013-06-25 23:01:38

First Call HVAC is a top rated air conditioning repair contractor in the Plano, TX area. Their extensive experience has led them to recommend whole house dehumidifiers as a means of keeping occupants more comfortable and lowering the health risks posed by high humidity levels. Plano, TX (PRWEB) June 25, 2013 The moisture that the air contains is called humidity, and it fluctuates throughout the year. Humidity levels in your home and outside depend on the place you live in and the season....

2013-06-24 23:19:03

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water® Now on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel, Health and Wellness Channel, and Apple iTunes. Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) June 24, 2013 Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water®, the groundbreaking worldwide syndicated radio talk show, recently celebrated its sixth year by expanding its longtime affiliation with VoiceAmerica, the world’s largest Internet radio network, to reach a larger audience. The show will now be heard on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness...

2013-06-15 23:03:01

Two University of Washington scientists take the mystery out of KOOZIE's and give scientific proof that a drink KOOZIE will keep your drink cool. Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) June 15, 2013 What do you get with two University of Washington scientists and two National Science Foundation Grants? Scientific proof that the famous Koozie can cooler does indeed keep your drink cold. Kustom Koozies, one of the largest national providers of can koozies is pleased to see hard science prove a concept that has...

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Weather Model Discussion:  How To Use Surface Dew-points For Weather Forecasting Purposes
2013-01-29 08:53:47

Surface Dew-points can play a huge role in weather forecasting. The first such role is that it helps determine the amount of moisture in the atmosphere for a given point. If we look at the current dew-point map above from January 28, 2013 we can note several things of interest. First, if we look at where the black circle is around the number 70, we can make note that this air right off the coast of Texas is at a dew point of 70F. The temperature outside must be above 70F, because the...

Surface Map Features
2012-07-30 10:31:28

The map above shows our dew-point temperatures which is an important temp when it comes to weather. The dew-points help us determine how much moisture is in the atmosphere. If we look at the circle placed over Southern Mississippi we can see temps in the Mid 70’s. That is considered to be very saturated and humid type of weather. When you walk outside it feels very uncomfortable. While if we look back in Nevada we see 15, this is more respectful of being very dry air. This type of air also...

The Heat Wave Of The Central United States
2012-06-26 06:00:45

So why is there so much heat and humidity rising up into the Northern Plains creating a surge of hot weather? The answer is in the weather map above. If we look over Lake Michigan we see an area of High pressure which has a clockwise flow over the region. So places on the East are having cooler weather as they are getting the air from Canada pushing down towards them. North Dakota into the Gulf Coast are on the back side of the high so there air is coming from the Gulf of Mexico. If...

2009-07-18 14:15:52

Water vapor (aqueous vapor) is the gaseous phase of water. It is one stage of the water cycle of our planet. Water vapor is formed from either evaporation or heating of liquid water, or from the sublimation of ice. In nature, water vapor is continuously produced by evaporation and removed by condensation. Along with carbon dioxide and methane gas, water vapor is one of the greenhouse gases. The release of water molecules from liquid water is considered evaporation. The transition of these...

2009-07-06 16:44:13

Haze is a type of atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke and dry particles in the air obscure the sky's clarity. Haze is created through various activities including farming, traffic pollution,and even wildfires. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) categorizes the obscuration of the Earth's atmosphere by a list of different types of atmospheric phenomena. One of these is haze. The other classifications are: fog, ice fog, steam fog, mist, smoke, volcanic ash, dust, sand, and snow....

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