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2009-07-02 12:18:18

 As flowering plants like giant trees quickly rose to dominate plant communities during the Cretaceous period, the ferns that had preceded them hardly saw it as a disappointment.In fact, they flourished. While modern tropical rain forests were becoming established, ferns climbed aboard, and experienced a flowering of their own species diversity."The canopy is there and -- boom -- diversification," said Duke University researcher Eric Schuettpelz, who is completing a post-doctoral...

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2008-04-30 22:48:01

The Hanging Fork Fern (Tmesipteris), is a genus of fern-like vascular plants, one of two genera in the family Psilotaceae, order Psilotales, and class Psilotopsida. It is restricted to certain lands in the Southern Pacific, notably Australia (Tasmania), New Zealand and New Caledonia. In New Zealand this hanging epiphyte is not uncommon in the warm temperate rain forests of both main islands. It is normally found with short spiky dark-green fronds 4 to 6 inches long, often with lighter...

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