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2009-08-24 12:58:24

The British Home Office has convened a team of designers to create an alternative to the traditional pint glass for beer in pubs. Home Office officials said the designers have been charged with creating several new drinking vessels within four months as alternatives to the traditional pint glass, which has been linked to a growing number of injuries in violent incidents at pubs, The Times of London reported Monday. Sebastian Conran, head of the Home Office's Design and Technology Alliance...

2009-08-12 07:10:00


2009-07-30 16:18:27

A woman who broke her leg in the outside smoking area of a British pub has been awarded a $30,000 out of court settlement. Selena Gilder, 40, had said in her claim against The Albion pub in Tewkesbury, England, that she had been smoking in the designated outdoor area when the heel of one of her stiletto shoes became lodged in a crack in the concrete, leading to a fall that snapped her tibia and fibula, the Daily Mail reported Thursday. Gilder's suit said she had consumed two Bacardi and Cokes...

2009-07-14 12:00:00

BERKELEY, Calif., July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Psychologists tell us one of the best ways to beat the blues is to get off the couch and out into the community.

2009-05-12 16:28:59

The landlady of a British pub said she has found a legal loophole to allow her to bring back indoor smoking by opening a smoking research center. Kerry Fenton, 36, said one of her customers, James Martin, 40, studied The Smoke-Free Regulations 2007 and found a legal loophole indicating the Cutting Edge pub in Barnsley, England, could offer indoor smoking if a room in the building was classified as a smoking research center, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. She said the system works by...

2009-03-27 13:40:10

The landlord of a historic pub in the British town of Ledbury says overnight the black-and-white business was painted bright pink. While landlord Les Smith has no clue who painted the Prince of Wales or why, he begrudgingly admitted the unwanted paint job was at least done professionally, The Daily Mirror reported Friday. I'm annoyed and it's inconvenient but they've done a proper job.

2009-03-13 16:07:48

Workers and customers of a Scottish pub said they suffered sunstroke and other ailments after a manager installed light bulbs from a tanning machine. Locals said manager Emma McLean at The Pub In The Square in Buckie, Scotland, mistakenly used high-powered ultraviolet tubes when she replaced the blue strip lights behind the bar, The Daily Record reported Friday. Morgan Smith, a bartender, suffered sever burns to his neck as a result of exposure to the lights, his sister said. He was really...

2009-02-11 14:50:50

A Decatur, Ga., pub said its very first pint of beer sold for $2,650 on eBay, with proceeds benefiting employees of two businesses that recently burned down. Leon's Full Service said the pricey pint was auctioned off as part of the pub's grand opening this week and the profits went toward helping workers at the recently fire-destroyed Trackside Tavern and 5th Earl Market, WSB-TV, Atlanta, reported Wednesday. The winning bidder, Marc Brennan, said he passed the honor of ordering the beer and...

2009-02-10 12:16:36

A Blean, England, bar owner said he put up signs pleading for new business after his customer base dwindled to two regulars. Tim Gibson, 43, said deals on food and leaflets shoved into mailboxes failed to yield an increase in patronage at his Royal Oak pub, so he resorted to humorous signs posted in front of the business, The Sun reported Tuesday. Wanted.

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