Latest Public key certificate Stories

2011-11-18 08:00:00

DigiCert, Inc. adds public beta of ClickID trust seal to authentication product offerings. Lindon, UT (PRWEB) November 18, 2011 DigiCert Inc., a leading provider of Authentication & Encryption services, today released a public beta of the new ClickID® trust seal program. The ClickID trust seal increases conversion and customer confidence by showcasing strong identity verification with an attractive site seal. Establishing online legitimacy is essential for organizations that have an...

2011-10-10 10:00:00

GlobalSign welcomes cPanel users to view live demonstrations of its newest SSL Technology, OneClickSSL, in Austin,Texas October 10-12 Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 10, 2011 GlobalSign (http://www.globalsign.com), a specialist in SSL partner programs and security automation technologies, today announced that it will be demonstrating the OneClickSSL plug-in for cPanel at the Automation Bootcamp cPanel Conference, held in Austin, Texas from October 10th- 12th. Demonstrations of the OneClickSSL...

2011-09-26 07:00:00

Hosting companies using WHMCS can now fully automate SSL reselling through GlobalSignâs new provisioning system, saving time and support costs. London, UK (PRWEB) September 26, 2011 GMO GlobalSign Ltd (http://www.globalsign.co.uk), one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialist in SSL and Digital Certificate security, today announced that its revolutionary new OneClickSSL technology allowing the automation of SSL reselling, has been integrated into...

GlobalSign Stops Issuing Authentication Certificates For Investigation
2011-09-07 11:48:54

  GlobalSign, a Belgian security firm, has stopped issuing authentication certificates for websites. This move comes after an anonymous hacker claimed to have gained access to the company's services. If the attack is confirmed then it would be the second security breach at a European certificate authority in two months. Comodohacker claimed responsibility for an attack on DigiNotar that saw hundreds of fake authentications issued. Certificate authorities (CAs) are...

2011-08-12 00:00:28

CloudSSL greatly reduces IP address requirements and helps Cloud Service Providers benefit from SSL in complex Cloud environments Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 10, 2011 GMO GlobalSign Inc (http://www.globalsign.com), one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialist in Digital Certificate Security, today announced that it has expanded its core SSL product portfolio to include services designed specifically for usage in the Cloud. With many organizations now...

2011-08-02 02:00:00

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SSL Certificate Provider Certs 4 Less, a Division of 4 Less Communications, announces it has now earned Platinum Partner status with Symantec's Authentication Business, formerly VeriSign, in less than 12 months. Since its launch one year ago, Certs 4 Less has been able to secure thousands of customer's websites and software developer's code. This highly coveted partnership status is a recognition of the success of the new Certs 4 Less...

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