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2011-11-05 07:00:00

Futures for Children holds its first Native Jam Night on Thursday, November 10th (6pm to 10 pm â“ Mountain Standard Time) at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The spectacular evening will be filled with great music provided by Native Roots, Plateros, Saving Damsels and Shelley Morningsong. Albuquerque, New Mexico (PRWEB) November 05, 2011 Futures for Children holds its first Native Jam Night on Thursday, November 10th (6pm to 10 pm...

2011-02-17 00:00:46

"Notable Women of the Southwest" tours takes you through the pristine wildlands of northern NM, including Taos Pueblo, Abiquiu, and Santa Fe, where you will experience O'Keeffe country and see what life was like for the sophisticated yet tough women who carved out remarkable existences in the Wild West. Featuring famed Native pottery artist Maria Martinez, one of America's finest painters of the 20th Century, Georgia O'Keeffe, and East Coast heiress Mabel Dodge Luhan, who hosted the likes of...

2010-03-10 11:57:51

From the time of the Crusades to the modern day, war refugees have struggled to integrate into their new communities.  They are often economically impoverished and socially isolated, which results in increased conflict, systematic violence and warfare, within and between communities as the new immigrants interact with and compete with the previously established inhabitants. Now, University of Missouri researcher Todd VanPool believes pottery found throughout the North American Southwest...

2008-09-08 12:00:19

By STACI MATLOCK Small towns in the San Agustin Plains worry about impact on wells By Staci Matlock The New Mexican Datil, N.M., is a tiny rural town with a cafe, a school, three churches, a U.S. Department of Agriculture office and a mom-and-pop grocery store next to the post office, snuggled up to the Datil Mountains and cupped by the San Agustin Plains. California retiree Carol Pittman said ranch families and "people trying to escape the law or life or something else" used to...

2008-08-17 12:00:24

By Aurelio Sanchez Journal Staff Writer They're just taking the good old American band's road to rock 'n' roll fame and glory. That it's a Native American hard-core metal band of brothers from Acoma Pueblo makes not a bit of difference. "They're all related to each other; six guys that create one sound that is like a unit. They work real well together and they definitely have 'it,' whatever 'it' is," said Tim Griffiths of indie label Mysteria Records, which signed the band last October....

2007-12-28 12:29:52

Ancient Pueblo Indians brewed their own brand of corn beer, a new study suggests, contradicting claims that the group remained dry until their first meeting with the Europeans. Archaeologists recently found that 800-year-old potsherds belonging to the Pueblos of the American Southwest contained bits of fermented residue typical in beer production. Before the discovery, historians thought a pocket of Pueblos in New Mexico did not have alcohol at all, despite being surrounded by other...

2006-12-26 15:00:08

By CAROL HARVEY, PHOTO BY LUIS SNCHEZ SATURNO SECOND PLACE: ADULT NONFICTION Hokam From the whispered information I overheard at the Santa Fe Indian Hospital, it turned out she had been living and working in the garment district in Los Angeles. Her daughter, Lisa, was 9. A hospital there had tracked down Moma, and said, "We think we may have your daughter." As I sat near her, a tangle of tubes sustaining her, I said, "Jeanie, wake up. Come on, let's go to Apache Canyon. We'll climb the...

2005-07-11 21:53:50

PHOENIX (AP) -- Archaeologists working at a proposed development site in Mesa say they have unearthed one of the largest integrated canal systems the Hohokam Indians ever built in the Phoenix area. Twenty Hohokam canals, uncovered during an ongoing archaeological survey of the 240-acre site, have been found since October. The largest measures 45 feet wide and 16 feet deep. "They are the size of canals in Phoenix today, but these were done with digging sticks and baskets," said Tom Wilson,...

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Mesa Verde National Park
2013-04-24 15:47:49

Mesa Verde National Park is located in the state of Colorado in the United States. The park contains 52,485 acres of land that was once inhabited by Native American tribes including the basket maker and pueblo peoples, also known as the Anasazi tribe. In 1868, the American government made a treaty with the Ute tribe that established the area west of the Continental Divide as belonging to the Ute people. A new treaty was established in 1873 that decreased the Ute’s land to a strip that...

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