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2009-01-28 09:02:14

Lack of shelter and the large amount of food available from crops in the mid-valley of the Ebro reflect primarily how human beings influence the landscape, and the demography and reproduction of wild boar.

2008-12-08 07:45:00

HOUSTON, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apache Corporation (NYSE, Nasdaq: APA) said today that it has arranged a $350 million financing for the Van Gogh and Pyrenees oil developments offshore Western Australia.

2008-02-29 03:00:00

By Bates, Karl T Rarity, Frank; Manning, Phillip L; Hodgetts, David; Vila, Bernat; Oms, Oriol; Galobart, Angel; Gawthorpe, Robert L Abstract: Increasing political and social awareness of the importance of protecting the geological heritage is compelling geoscientists to consider new methods for reconciling conservation and exploration of their research sites.

2006-08-27 12:56:38

PARIS (Reuters) - A Slovenian brown bear, one of five released in the French Pyrenees earlier this year, has been found dead at the foot of a cliff after an apparent accident, authorities said on Sunday.

2006-07-14 10:51:39

By Julien Pretot CARCASSONNE (Reuters) - Ukrainian Yaroslav Popovych restored some pride for the Discovery Channel team when he led a 115-km breakaway to clinch the 12th stage of the Tour de France over 211.5 kms from Luchon to Carcassonne on Friday.

2006-07-11 21:19:51

By Jean-Paul Couret DAX, France (Reuters) - The Tour de France starts riders face the first mountain stage from Cambo-les-Bains to Pau as the race heads into the Pyrenees on Wednesday.

2006-04-27 12:28:59

Somewhere in the mountains and forests of the French Pyrenees, to sheep farmers' chagrin, a little bear far from home is getting used to new surroundings.

2006-04-26 07:30:00

France has imported a female brown bear from Slovenia and released it into the Pyrenees despite opposition from local farmers to try and build up the dwindling bear population.

2005-07-16 11:55:25

By Francois Thomazeau AX-3 DOMAINES, France (Reuters) - Heat, the Pyrenees and his rivals could not get the better of Lance Armstrong, who took a giant step toward an unprecedented seventh Tour de France victory in Saturday's 220.5-km 14th stage.

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Blonde d’Aquitaine Cattle
2014-07-12 10:17:57

The Blonde d’Aquitaine is a popular breed of beef cattle that originated in Aquitaine, France. It is found mainly in the Garonne valley and the Pyrenees. It was developed by crossing local breeds, the Garonnais, the Quercy and the Blonde des Pyrenees. In the late 1900s, the breed was imported to other parts of Europe as well as Canada, Australia and the United States where large populations of the breed is found. The breed is muscular, hardy and lean. The bone structure is light but...

Cones of a Mountain pine, Pinus mugo
2014-02-26 09:53:40

Mountain pine (Pinus mugo) is found in the mountains of Central Europe. The mountain pine is a short, stubby, slow growing tree. The mountain pine can be found in the Alps, northern Apennines and the Balkan Peninsula mountains. The pine grows at altitudes of 3,281-7,218 feet. The mountain pine may also be found growing at 656 feet in Germany and Poland and as high as 8,858 feet in Bulgaria and in the Pyrenees. The mountain pine is also considered an invasive species and has spread in the high...

Pyrenean Chamois, Rupicapra pyrenaica
2012-10-12 12:22:51

The Pyrenean chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica), also known as the izard or isard in the French language, is a species of goat-antelope that can be found in the Cantabrian Mountains, the Apennine Mountains, and the Pyrenees. It will reside in habitats at an elevation of up to 9,842 feet. It holds three subspecies. The Pyrenean chamois is small, reaching an average height of 2.6 feet at the shoulder. Both males and females grow backward curving horns that reach an average length of 7.8 inches. The...

2012-06-15 02:59:32

Symbol: ORPY Group: Monocot Family: Liliaceae Duration: Perennial Growth Habit: Forb/herb Native Status: L48    I Distribution: OrnithogalumpyrenaicumL. distribution:USA(WV) Classification:       Kingdom   Plantae – Plants Subkingdom   Tracheobionta – Vascular plants Superdivision   Spermatophyta – Seed plants Division   Magnoliophyta – Flowering plants Class   Liliopsida – Monocotyledons...

2008-05-24 22:47:09

The Great Pyrenees is a large guard dog, used for protecting livestock. The breed is related to several other white European sheepdogs and has been used for thousands of years by the Basque people. The breed once served as the official dog of the royal French court. It was also used during World War II to haul artillery over the Pyrenean Mountain range back and forth between France and Spain. The Great Pyrenees weighs from 85 to 125 pounds. Besides its size, its thick white coat is another...

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