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2010-08-26 22:13:21

Wildfires can wreak widespread havoc and devastation, affecting environmental assets lives, property and livelihoods. Meteorologist Mike Fromm of the Naval Research Laboratory, in collaboration with several national and international laboratories, is now discovering that changes in the frequency of occurrence and intensity of wildfires has substantial consequences for a variety of important problems including atmospheric change.Superimposed on this important topic is a relatively new...

2009-07-29 12:27:23

Officials fear Australian could suffer even worse wildfires next summer than the deadly blazes that killed a record 173 people in February, AFP reported. The fire season could be the toughest in a decade, according to Victoria state premier John Brumby. Brumby said the prognosis in terms of this year's fire season is that it's going to be a "very, very tough fire season again." "All of the advice at the moment is that this will be as bad, if not worse, than anything that we've seen in the...