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2010-01-06 06:55:00

Archaeologists hope to learn more about Egypt's middle class from two 2,500 year old tombs dug up near Cairo, according to Reuters. The tombs were found near the entrance to the archaeological site at the Saqqara burial ground. Dating from the 26th dynasty, one tomb consists of a complex of rooms and corridors linked to a large hall hewn into the rock. It's the largest discovered to date in Saqqara. Zahi Hawass told Reuters, "These tombs belonged to middle class Egyptian families, not...

2009-04-27 06:10:00

Vividly painted wooden coffins housing an anthology of pharaonic-era mummies were uncovered near the Lahun pyramid in Egypt, the director of the excavation said on Sunday.  The mud-brick Lahun pyramid is believed to be constructed by the pharaoh Senusret II in the 12th dynasty, who reigned 4,000 years ago.  According to Reuters, the mummies are the first to be discovered beneath the sand surrounding the pyramid in the depths of the desert rock, but the excavation team anticipates...

2009-02-26 11:35:55

The Egyptian government announced on Thursday that Japanese archaeologists working in Egypt have found four wooden sarcophaguses and associated grave goods that could date back 3,300 years, Reuters reported. The Supreme Council for Antiquities said in a statement that the researchers from Waseda University in Tokyo discovered the anthropomorphic sarcophaguses in a tomb in the Sakkara (or Saqqara) necropolis, about 15 miles south of Cairo. Archaeologists believe there are still plenty of...

2009-02-09 13:10:00

The Egyptian government released a statement on Monday saying archaeologists there have found about 30 mummies and at least one unopened sarcophagus in a burial chamber about 4,300 years old. The chamber was uncovered in the desert on the western side of the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, one of the earliest large stone structures in the world, dating from about 2,650 BC. Egypt's top archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, said the tomb was located at the bottom of a 36-foot deep shaft where twenty-two mummies...

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