Latest Qinling Mountains Stories

2008-06-09 12:30:00

Researchers have successfully filmed the giant panda's mating process in the wild. A team of BBC Natural History researchers recorded the process in the bamboo forest along China's Qinling mountains. The sequence was shot for BBC Two's Wild China series.During their observations, scientists discovered strange mating behaviors that are rarely displayed in zoos.Pictures show a male panda having to fight off the competition as he tries to woo and finally win a female.The giant male panda uses...

2006-06-23 07:40:00

BEIJING - China is giving an unusually endangered species of panda extra space, privacy and protection to help the animals reproduce, state media said on Friday. The 300 pandas of a rare subspecies who call northwest China's central Shaanxi province home will soon be protected by five new reserves in the fog-shrouded Qinling mountains, the China Daily said. "This will mean better protection for the animals and help enlarge their population," Sun Chengqian, of the Shaanxi Provincial Forestry...

2005-02-16 07:35:00

BEIJING (AFP) -- China's endangered panda is migrating into forest areas restored by the government, the re-discovery of its dung in northern Shaanxi province indicates. Scatologists identified the panda droppings in the region's Qinling mountains where it lived 30 years ago, while locals have reported sighting animals resembling the bear, Xinhua state news agency reported Wednesday. The reappearance of the panda in the western parts of the Qinling mountains was attributed to recent efforts...

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