Latest Quantitative genetics Stories

Long-grain rice plant
2014-08-15 03:12:54

Iqbal Pittalwala, University of California, Riverside UC Riverside-led research could revolutionize hybrid breeding in agriculture Genomic prediction, a new field of quantitative genetics, is a statistical approach to predicting the value of an economically important trait in a plant, such as yield or disease resistance. The method works if the trait is heritable, as many traits tend to be, and can be performed early in the life cycle of the plant, helping reduce costs. Now a...

Transformational Fruit Fly Genome Catalog Completed
2012-02-09 05:08:03

Scientists searching for the genomics version of the holy grail — more insight into predicting how an animal's genes affect physical or behavioral traits — now have a reference manual that should speed gene discoveries in everything from pest control to personalized medicine. In a paper published Feb 8 in Nature, North Carolina State University genetics researchers team with scientists from across the globe to describe the new reference manual — the Drosophila...

2010-09-30 06:15:00

Researchers from more than 200 institutions in the U.S. and Europe have identified hundreds of genetic variants that in total account for roughly 10 percent of the inherited variation in human height. The consortium of researchers, named GIANT for Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits, combined data from more than 180,000 individuals, including millions of genetic results from each of 46 separate studies in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia. Using this data, they were able to...

2010-09-29 12:56:00

International collaboration maps height 'hotspots' in the genome BOSTON, Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- An international collaboration of more than 200 institutions, led by researchers at Children's Hospital Boston, the Broad Institute, and a half-dozen other institutions in Europe and North America, has identified hundreds of genetic variants that together account for about 10 percent of the inherited variation of height among people. Known as the GIANT (Genetic Investigation of...

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