Latest Quantum measurement Stories

2011-06-23 12:20:00

RACINE, Wis., June 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Napa Home and Garden on Wednesday announced a voluntary recall of the following products: Napafire and FireGel fuel bottles and jugsThis recall is for the Napafire and FireGel bottles and jugs only. No other gel fuels are involved. Real Flame, a Racine, Wis.-based company that has sold gel-fueled products for more than two decades, urges that consumers read and follow all labels,...

2011-06-05 08:55:00

Researchers have changed one of the most basic rules of quantum mechanics.

2011-06-03 00:01:24

Quantum mechanics is famous for saying that a tree falling in a forest when there's no one there doesn't make a sound.

2011-04-06 09:39:29

The quantum physics of tailor-made organic macro-molecules – For the first time - as presented in Nature Communications - the quantum behavior of molecules consisting of more than 400 atoms was demonstrated by quantum physicists based at the University of Vienna in collaboration with chemists from Basel and Delaware.

2011-03-02 20:47:57

Quantum computers are computers that exploit the weird properties of matter at extremely small scales.

2011-01-13 08:18:34

Discovery moves quantum networks closer to reality.

2010-11-18 17:16:36

Researchers have uncovered a fundamental link between the two defining properties of quantum physics.

2010-09-27 12:08:56

Entanglement is a fascinating property connecting quantum systems.

2010-07-27 15:39:09

A quantum particle is hard to grasp, because one cannot determine all its properties precisely at the same time.

2010-07-01 16:02:53

Dartmouth researchers have discovered a potentially important piece of the quantum/classical puzzle – learning how the rules of physics in the quantum world (think smaller than microscopic) change when applied to the classical world (think every day items, like cars and trees).

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