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2010-11-11 14:36:00

DETROIT, Nov. 11, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- It has always been difficult being a teenager, but it seems like today's teens face more challenges than ever before, from navigating social media to the pressures of fitting in can cause.

2010-11-03 12:12:00

It is hard to believe that they belong to the same species: The large, long-lived queen bee is busy producing offspring throughout her lifetime.

2010-07-15 13:21:27

What makes a bee grow up to be a queen?

2010-03-24 08:29:17

The brain region responsible for learning and memory is bigger in social bee queens who may have to address these questions than in solitary queens.

2009-09-10 08:35:00

Bee colonies are well known for high levels of cooperation, but new research published in Molecular Ecology demonstrates a conflict for reproduction between worker bees and their queens, leading some workers to selfishly exploit the colony for their own needs.

2009-06-03 15:54:38

Officials at a Massachusetts airport said a swarm of about 10,000 bees swarmed the wing of a parked plane used for flight school training. Arne Nordeide, owner of the Beverly Flight Center at the Beverly Municipal Airport, said he saw the bees gather around the wing of the plane about 11 a.m.

2008-02-18 12:35:00

Michael Goodisman could be called the Maury Povich of the yellow jacket world. In his laboratory, Goodisman determines the paternity of yellow jackets to study family dynamics within a colony.

2008-01-21 09:23:24

Honeybee queens have sex with harems of males apparently to give birth to much better dancers, research now reveals. The better honeybees dance, the better they are at hustling for chow, scientists added. Taking lots of male consorts is a dicey proposition for bee queens.

2007-05-09 00:00:22

By LIBBY KEELING, Courier & Press staff writer 464-7450 or keeling@courierpress.com So, there was this girl. She hated this other girl, so she wrote this totally despicable song about her, recorded it, uploaded it to a computer and forwarded the music file to all her friends.

2005-06-18 09:15:51

Some unwanted arrivals from Texas have been spotted in this southwest Arkansas town. State Plant Board officials say the presence of Africanized honey bees has been confirmed in Brightstar, in southern Miller County.

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2005-08-25 09:38:03

Bees (Apoidea superfamily) are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants. They are adapted for feeding on nectar, and play an important role in pollinating flowering plants, and are called pollinators. Bees have a long proboscis that they use in order to obtain the nectar from flowers. Bees have antennae made up of thirteen segments in males and twelve in females. They have two pairs of wings, the back pair being the smaller of the two. Bees are fuzzy and carry an electrostatic...

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