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2009-11-02 09:26:00

KENILWORTH, N.J., Nov. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Schering-Plough Corporation (NYSE: SGP) today announced it has initiated sponsorship of two projects in India to reduce the incidence of human and animal rabies through improved educational awareness and mass vaccination of dogs. The company will donate $200,000 and rabies vaccine from Intervet/Schering-Plough as well as share expertise with partners to support successful implementation of the projects in ten villages surrounding Bangalore...

2009-10-05 11:00:31

The University of Massachusetts Medical School says it's taking part in testing a human monoclonal antibody developed to neutralize the rabies virus. The clinical trial being conducted in Mumbai, India, is sponsored by the Serum Institute of India, which is working with the university's Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories that is manufacturing the new antibody. India is an appropriate location to do this study because of the serious problem of rabies that exists in the country, said Dr. Donna...

2009-09-28 12:05:55

The Chinese government reported that China is second only to India in the number of people worldwide who are killed by rabies every year, making the disease one of the nation's biggest public health threats, AFP reported. A statement released by the health ministry said China is one of the countries most severely affected by rabies, and in recent years the number of annual reported deaths from rabies has averaged around 2,400. "It is only inferior in number to India, and gives us the world's...

2009-09-19 10:25:36

The current standard post-exposure regimen is not feasible in the developing world, where rabies is endemic A person, usually a child, dies of rabies every 20 minutes. However, only one inoculation may be all it takes for rabies vaccination, according to new research published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases by researchers at the Jefferson Vaccine Center. A replication-deficient rabies virus vaccine that lacks a key gene called the matrix (M) gene induced a rapid and efficient...

2009-07-17 07:00:00

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Rabies is a virus that occurs in mammals and infects the central nervous system; the disease can cause death in humans if it is not treated. Nearly 90 percent of cases occur in wild animals (raccoons, bats, foxes etc.); less than 10% of cases occur in domestic animals like dogs or cats. Humans usually become infected when they are bitten by an infected animal. Early symptoms of rabies are fever, headache and general malaise. Since these are...

2009-07-09 13:13:48

Rabies often is not confined to the borders of any country and coordinated international efforts are necessary to investigate cases, U.S. officials said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Weekly Report said countries should coordinate investigations of multinational cases and re-enforce preventative messages domestically and internationally, especially regarding human rabies prevention and animal rabies control along shared borders. Rabies can be fatal fatal disease without...

2009-06-25 10:50:00

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), voted on Wednesday to change the standard number of shots needed for rabies from five to four. Regulators agreed that four shots given over the first 14 days following rabies exposure was just as effective as giving five shots. The ACIP is made up of 15 experts in fields related to immunization. Members have been selected by the Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services to advise the US Centers for Disease Control and...

2009-02-05 06:00:00

INCHEON, South Korea, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Celltrion, Inc., a South Korean biopharmaceutical company, have signed a Letter of Intent to permit joint research on the development of novel antibodies to protect people exposed to the rabies virus. Medical attention for a person exposed to rabies is a two-step procedure. First, rabies immune globulin (RIG) is given to provide immediate antibodies neutralizing the rabies virus....

2009-01-21 13:34:10

Most of the rabies virus circulating in dogs in western and central Africa comes from a common ancestor introduced to the continent around 200 years ago, probably by European colonialists. In the current issue of Journal of General Virology a team of scientists from Africa, USA and France report that within this common ancestry there are distinct subspecies at country level and that there is only limited movement of virus between localities. These factors mean that, if neighboring countries...

2008-10-06 21:00:31

By Rajiv Sharma Mumbai: There was high drama at the JJ Hospital campus on Friday night when a rabies patient escaped from the isolation ward. Staff members faced a tough time in tackling the situation . Hospital sources said that the patient was admitted earlier last week after being bitten by a rabid dog. "It is not known how the patient managed to get out of the ward, but some of us saw him jump from the open window onto the parapet and then to the ground floor," a senior doctor said....

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2012-05-01 13:57:30

The common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) is endemic, or native, to the Americas. It is actually a leaf nosed bat, although it is one of only three parasitic mammals. It can be found in South America, Central America, and in parts of Mexico. In southern Brazil, it is the most common type of bat. The common vampire bat has a southern range including Chile, Uruguay, and northern Argentina. Preferring humid, warm climates, this vampire bat only resides on Trinidad in the West Indies. This bat...

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