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New Hypothesis Explains How Animals Predict Earthquakes
2011-12-02 06:18:16

Scientists have long puzzled over anecdotal evidence of bizarre animal behavior just prior to earthquakes. Recently, however, two fortuitous observations from two very different scientific disciplines have merged to point to one potential explanation for the animal kingdom´s prophetic predictions. A new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicates that chemical changes in groundwater may give animals the signal that trouble is...

2009-07-13 12:05:00

When it comes to mating, timing is everything for amphibians. Researchers have found that the mating activity of amphibians is synchronized by the full Moon. The fascinating fact that frogs, toads and newts across the globe seem to enjoy mating by moonlight has never before been noticed. It appears that in order to make sure that a sufficient number of males and females join up at the same time, they use the lunar cycle to co-ordinate their gatherings. This proves to be an ingenious...

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