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Camera Able To Capture Light Traveling
2011-12-14 06:23:47

[ Watch the Video ] MIT researchers have created a camera that is capable of capturing a slow-motion video of traveling light. The team developed an imaging system that is able to produce visual data at a rate of one trillion exposures per second. This fast frame rate enabled the team to produce a slow-motion video of a burst of light traveling the length of a one-liter bottle, bouncing off the cap and reflecting back to the bottle's bottom. “There´s nothing in the...

2011-07-05 11:35:00

MIT researchers have developed a device that can clip on to any smartphone and provide a diagnosis of cataracts within a few minutes. The standard test to detect cataracts requires a $5,000 piece of equipment called a slit lamp, as well as a trained physician to interpret its results. The new-inexpensive device scans the lens of the eye and creates a map showing its position, size, shape and density of cataracts, according to the researchers. Ramesh Raskar, the NEC Career Development...

2009-12-15 11:15:00

On Dec. 19 at Siggraph Asia, MIT researchers will present a technique for turning innovative new touch-screen displays into giant lensless cameras. They've also built a prototype that demonstrates one application of such displays: letting users manipulate on-screen images using hand gestures. Many other researchers have been working on such gestural interfaces, which would, for example, allow computer users to drag windows around a screen simply by pointing at them and moving their fingers,...

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