Latest Rapid eye movement sleep Stories

2011-04-27 11:40:25

New research finds that consistent, “signature” brainwave patterns first noticed in short-term studies of adults are so robust that they’re also detectable over a matter of years in the notoriously turbulent brains of teens.

2011-03-28 17:31:51

During a large-scale study of the socioeconomic costs of this neurodegenerative disease, Danish researchers, some from the University of Copenhagen, discovered that very early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease may be revealed in dream or REM sleep.

2011-03-24 08:25:27

A sleepless night can make us cranky and moody, but a lesser known side effect of sleep deprivation is short-term euphoria, which can potentially lead to poor judgment and addictive behavior.

2011-03-15 07:55:21

From overworked professionals to over-extended students, everyone worries about how much sleep they’re getting.

2011-03-11 08:45:00

Why do we sleep? I mean, we spend so much of our time sleeping that it must be doing something important.

2011-03-09 14:15:00

A UC Berkeley study suggests we're busy recharging our brain’s learning capacity during a dreamless light slumber that takes up half our sleeping hours.

2011-01-07 07:30:00

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Daily Burn, Inc., a leading online health and fitness solution and Zeo Inc., creators of the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, today announced the integration of sleep quality tracking into the body metrics system on the DailyBurn website, www.DailyBurn.com.

2010-12-15 00:00:44

Special blessings have been bestowed to those who have experienced a patented fabric that helps women rest, recover and sleep better. This new sleepwear is called Goodnighties (http://www.goodnighties.com) 100% Made in the USA selling faster than a swoosh down a chimney.

2010-11-25 00:00:46

A team of sleep scientists led by Dr. Fabio Ferrarelli of the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that during non-rapid eye movement sleep (non-REM, or dreamless sleep), the brain waves produced by people with schizophrenia lack the normal pattern of slow and fast spindles. Madison, Wis.

2010-11-04 01:12:59

Researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and SRI International have published the most systematic study to date of the effects of sleep deprivation on gene expression in the brain.

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