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2011-04-14 13:07:43

Officials in New Delhi have injected microchips into snakes in an attempt to regulate the snake charmers in India.

2009-06-03 14:25:47

New York police said they are trying to determine the origins of a yellow rat snake discovered by a 7-year-old in his family's home. Maria Dominguez said the 4-foot snake was first spotted by her son, Hugo Rodriguez, while it was coiled under the family's living room table, the New York Post reported Wednesday. The boy's screams roused the rest of the family and Dominguez called police.

2006-08-17 08:50:00

Officials of the World Aquarium at the City Museum subscribe wholeheartedly to the maxim that two heads are better than one. If they're on the same animal, that is.

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2007-02-18 23:27:20

The Northern Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon, is a well-known colubrid of North America. They are active equally during day and night and are most often seen basking on rocks, stumps, or brush. Northern Water Snakes often share winter dens with other snakes, such as Copperheads and Black Rat Snakes. Northern Water Snakes grow over four feet long. They can be brown, gray, reddish, or brownish-black. They have dark cross bands on their necks and dark blotches on the rest of their bodies. Also,...

2007-02-18 15:55:25

The Fox Snake is the common name given to two species of non-venomous snake: the Eastern Fox Snake, Pantherophis gloydi, and the Western Fox Snake, Pantherophis vulpina. Both species are native to North America. The eastern fox snake is found in the states of Ohio and eastern Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. The western fox snake is found in western Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. The eastern variety prefers the flat, marshy areas of Lake Huron and Lake Erie. The...

2007-02-18 15:49:00

The Aesculapian Snake, Elaphe longissima or Zamenis longissimus, is a snake native to Europe. It has a well established colony in North Wales since the 1970s. It can be found in United Kingdom, although it is considered an alien species there. It can also be found in Austria and Germany where Roman temples of healing were established. It is a large slender non-venomous snake, which is an excellent tree climber. It feeds on rodents, moles, shrews, and young birds and eggs. The young feed...

2007-02-18 15:46:21

The Baird's Rat Snake, Pantherophis bairdi or Elaphe bairdi, is a species of non-venomous rat snake native to the western Texas in the United States and Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas in northern Mexico. This snake is capable of growing from 25 to 55 inches in length. It is typically an orange-yellow in color, but can be lighter to a bright yellow, or darker to a salmon color. They have four stripes which go from neck to tail. Their underside is generally gray to yellow,...

2005-06-22 14:50:15

The Corn Snakes (Elaphe guttata) are a species of Rat Snake "“ they are known for being somewhat smaller than other Rat Snake species. Their average length is about 4 feet long. They are found throughout south-eastern and central North America as well as parts of Mexico. There are two subspecies of Corn Snake, however, one subspecies is not called a Corn Snake, but instead is called a Rat Snake: Common Corn Snake (Elaphe guttata guttata) is prevalent in the south-eastern United States...

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