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Toy Manchester Terrier
2013-09-23 11:01:25

The toy Manchester terrier is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the United Kingdom and Britain. The breed was developed in the nineteenth century when a whippet, black and tan terrier, and other breeds were crossed to create an effective rodent hunter. The breed was popular in America during the 1920’s, when it was known as the toy black and tan terrier and when the name was changed...

Toy Fox Terrier
2013-09-23 10:48:47

The toy fox terrier, also known as the American toy terrier, is a breed of domestic dog that originated in the United States. This breed was developed from a smooth fox terrier called the “foiler,” which was Britain’s first registered fox terrier. It is thought that this breed was crossed with other smooth fox terriers to create the modern breed. It is recognized by major organizations...

Rat Terrier
2008-06-08 16:40:07

The Rat Terrier is an American vermin-killing breed which served its purpose as a general farm dog. The breed was common throughout America during the 1920s and 1930s; it is somewhat rare today as chemical pesticides and commercial farming have forced the decline of the breed. It was brought to the US by migrants from Britain, and it gained its popularity not only by helping on the farm, but...

Parson Russell Terrier
2008-05-27 23:24:41

The Parson Russell Terrier is a breed which descended from fox-working terriers used for hunting. It was recognized by the UK Kennel Club in 1990. It has a larger chest and longer head than the Jack Russell Terrier, its close relative. They are rarely found working in fields today, but are rather kept as companion pets. The Parson Russell Terrier is a compact breed, standing 12 to 14 inches...

Miniature Fox Terrier
2008-05-27 22:26:19

The Miniature Fox Terrier is a lightweight Australian breed developed for hunting rats, rabbits, and other vermin. The breed was most likely a cross between smaller Fox Terriers and Manchester Terriers. This cross was later mixed with other toy breeds such as the Whippet and the English Toy Terrier in order to make it smaller and quicker. The breed was identifiable in the late 1800s and began...

Manchester Terrier
2008-05-27 17:27:52

The Manchester Terrier is a Terrier breed which originated in England as early as the 16th century. It is considered the oldest of all known terrier breeds. The breed originated as a rat killer when a Whippet was crossed with a cross-bred Terrier to produce a coursing Terrier. It was used equally for rodent killing and rabbit coursing, until the prior became illegal in England. The...

Glen of Imaal Terrier
2008-05-24 21:57:41

The Glen of Imaal Terrier was developed in Ireland as a hunting breed. It is a dog in the terrier group which excels in fox hunting and badger baiting. The breed stands about 14 inches tall on average and weighs approximately 35 pounds. Its coat is medium long and is brindle, blue, or a wheaten color. The breed has a high prey drive, and can tend to be dog-aggressive if not properly...

English White Terrier
2008-05-22 21:08:36

The English White Terrier is an extinct show ring breed. It was bred to be a pricked-ear version of the white fox-working terriers from the 18th century U.K. With show dogs becoming more popular, there was a race to improve upon various breeds, renaming them as various features were changed. With the English White Terrier, a group of enthusiasts reasoned that due to the difference in the way...

Chilean Fox Terrier
2008-05-21 10:44:43

The Chilean Fox Terrier also called the Chilean Rat Terrier or Ratonero is a mix between the 19th century Fox Terrier and Native American dogs. It is the original breed from Chile which originated in the late 1800s and was standardized over 100 years later, in the late 1990s. The breed has a predominantly white, short coat with black and tan spots. It has high-set ears and a scissor bite....

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