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2012-07-11 11:23:41

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The U.K. government is embracing the future by working on regulations in order to allow the operation of spaceplanes. The new regulations would enable launch systems like the Skylon concept being developed by Reaction Engines Limited (REL) to take place in the U.K. Currently, these types of vehicles are prohibited from using European airspace, but the government is looking to change that. REL's Skylon vehicle would take off...

'Critical' Spaceplane Engine Testing Underway
2012-04-29 04:30:10

Testing has begun on an engine that could make it possible for a plane to travel into space, travel at five times the speed of sound, and make it possible to reach any destination on the planet in no more than four hours, Suzannah Hills of the Daily Mail reported on Saturday. The vehicle in question is the Skylon, an unmanned, reusable spaceplane that is currently in development at UK aerospace company Reaction Engines Ltd (REL). According to Hill, the craft can take off and land from any...

2011-05-24 09:25:00

The European Space Agency (ESA) has concluded its review of the U.K. spaceplane concept and found nothing keeping it from continuing on, reports BBC News. The Skylon vehicle would be a rocket that operates like an airliner, taking off and landing at a conventional runway. ESA plans the next stage of development to be a ground demonstration of its Sabre engine. The engine is designed to breathe oxygen from the air in the early phases of flight before switching to full rocket mode as the...

2009-04-02 12:26:31

U.S. scientists say they've created a hydrogen storage system that allows a car's fuel tank to be filled within five minutes for a 300-mile driving range. Purdue University researchers said their system uses metal hydride powder to absorb hydrogen gas. The researchers have created a heat exchanger that circulates coolant through tubes and uses fins to remove heat generated as the hydrogen is absorbed by the powder. Professor Issam Mudawar, who led the project that was funded by the General...

2009-02-19 11:10:00

The European Space Agency (ESA) on Thursday announced a deal with Reaction Engines Ltd that will invest £900,000 ($1,291,000) in the development of core technologies for its Skylon reusable runway space shuttle. The firm said it hopes to see reusable spaceplanes fly within 10 years. "Traditional throw-away rockets costing more than a $100 million per launch are a drag on the growth of this market. The Holy Grail to transform the economics of getting into space is to use a truly...

2008-09-23 09:00:50

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Novellus Systems, Inc. today announced the shipment of its 300th SABRE(R) electrochemical deposition (ECD) system to a leading semiconductor manufacturer in Korea. The SABRE Extreme(TM) tool will be used for the deposition of copper layers in the production of flash and DRAM devices -- demonstrating the increasing use of copper electroplating in memory manufacturing applications. With SABRE tools installed at all major copper memory...

2007-07-10 09:22:53

Sabre Airline Solutions, the leading provider of operational and decision support technology for the world's airlines, has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Royal Air Maroc (RAM) for products to help plan and improve flight scheduling. Another deal has been signed for crew management products. The North African carrier has also signed with Sabre Airline Solutions' sister company lastminute.com to have the car hire section of the RAM Web-site powered by Holiday Autos. This...

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