Latest Reactive oxygen species Stories

2009-07-14 15:55:00

Sudipta Seal is enthralled by nanoparticles, particularly those of a rare earth metal called cerium. The particles are showing potential for a wide range of applications, from medicine to energy.

2009-06-03 14:41:45

When you were a kid your mom poured it on your scraped finger to stave off infection. When you got older you might have even used it to bleach your hair.

2009-05-29 08:05:14

Oxidative stress has been linked to aging, cancer and other diseases in humans. Paradoxically, researchers have suggested that small exposure to oxidative conditions may actually offer protection from acute doses.

2009-05-06 08:49:10

By lending them a gene normally reserved for other classes of animals, researchers have shown they can rescue flies from their Parkinson's-like symptoms

2009-04-28 11:23:10

For decades, microbiologists assumed that macrophages, immune cells that can engulf and poison bacteria and other pathogens, killed microbes by damaging their DNA. A new study from the University of Illinois disproves that.

2009-03-17 08:00:00

Breakthrough Comes as Scientific Community Intensifies Anti-Aging Research DETROIT, March 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- EXT Life Sciences, Inc., a biotechnology start-up company spun off from Wayne State University that develops proprietary, targeted antioxidant treatments to slow the aging process, announces the development of a treatment that stops hair from graying as it ages.

2009-01-23 09:46:01

Brown University researchers have identified a cellular mechanism that could someday help fight the aging process.

2008-09-28 03:00:14

By Shelley, Suzanne ENVIRONMENTAL Tetra-amido macrocyclic ligands (TAMLs) are environmentally friendly catalysts with a host of pollution- reduction and clean-up applications, and are a prime example of green chemistry.

2008-08-22 09:01:11

Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp., (NASDAQ: SNTA) today announced the publication of new findings in the American Association for Cancer Research journal, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics that describe the novel mechanism of action of elesclomol: driving programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancer cells through the selective induction of oxidative stress.

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