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2010-12-23 00:00:50

Yes, after many days and hours of painstaking research Latham Media Services (LMS) was able to capture still photographs of an elusive Red-belied Woodpecker. To read the full story go to http://www.lathammediaservicesblog.com.

Latest Red-bellied Woodpecker Reference Libraries

2006-07-17 11:27:03

The Red-headed Woodpecker, (Melanerpes erythrocephalus), is a small or medium-sized woodpecker. Adults have a black back and tail with a red head and neck. Their undersides are mainly white. The primary wings are black with white secondary wings. Their breeding habitat is open country across southern Canada and the eastern-central United States. They nest in a hole in a dead tree or a dead part of a tree. Northern birds migrate to the southern parts of the range; southern birds are often...

2006-07-16 21:02:48

The Red-bellied Woodpecker, (Melanerpes carolinus), is a medium-sized woodpecker. Their breeding habitat is deciduous forests found throughout southern Canada and the eastern United States. They are permanent residents but may change location; some birds may wander north. In extreme weather, northern birds may move south. Adults are mainly light gray on the face and underside. They have black and white barred patterns on their back, wings and tail. Adult males have a red cap going from the...

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