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2010-03-05 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Al-Balad is a must-see spot for any visitor to Jeddah.

2010-02-19 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The religious police in Saudi Arabia were out in full force to ban the celebration of Valentine's Day here.

2010-02-05 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- There are many differences between the West and Saudi Arabia. This week Susie explores headline-making news stories about unusual marriages and divorces in the Kingdom.

2010-01-15 12:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- A world renowned public relations firm published findings from a cross cultural survey which compared Arab youth to Western youth in areas such as religion, lifestyle, family and consumerism.

2010-01-08 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Women's rights in Saudi Arabia have a long way to go. Maybe the country could use someone like Rosa Parks to help things along.

2009-12-25 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Would YOU be happy married to someone from a totally different culture, religion, and country? Susie answers a reader's questions about what it's really like for an American woman to live in a strictly religious male-dominated society.

2009-12-04 12:21:00


2009-12-02 09:24:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Forsythe Transportation has just completed a major consulting project, serving as the School Bus Industry Subject Matter Expert for Hafil Transport, the largest private bus transport company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperative Countries.

2009-11-25 20:28:00

BEIJING, Nov. 25 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Between 30th October to 18th November, Air China transported nearly 10,000 pilgrims to the holy meeting site of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. There are nearly 20 million Muslims in China at present and the number of pilgrims visiting Mecca has increased each year.

2009-11-20 11:01:00

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Child custody cases in the Middle East almost always end in favor of the father. A recent case making headlines around the world involves a British mother and a dead Qatari father's family battling over the custody of a ten-year-old boy.

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Jabal al-Tair Island
2014-04-10 11:56:15

Jabal al-Tair Island, known by many other names including Tair Island and Jebel Teir, is a volcanic island that is located in the Red Sea and is under the jurisdiction of Yemen. It reaches an elevation of 801 feet and is about 1.9 miles in length. The island is comprised of Jabal al-Tair, a stratovolcano that was considered extinct in 1982, although it erupted in 2007. In 1900, the British Admiralty described the volcano as having a steep, conical shape, making it a good landmark for ships...

Zubair Group
2014-04-10 10:08:46

Zubair Group, also known as Zubayr Group or Al Zubair Group, is a chain of volcanic islands belonging to Yemen that are located on top of a shield volcano in the Red Sea. Zubair Group The largest island, known as Zubair, is among the youngest islands, which also include Saba, Saddle, and Haycock. The shield volcano underneath the islands began a period of eruptions and eventually quieted down, followed by a period of explosive and effusive eruptions that formed the islands that are present...

2007-12-18 14:34:45

The Silver Moony (Monodactylus argenteus), is a perciform fish found in the Red Sea and East Africa to Samoa, North to the Yaeyamas, south to New Caledonia and Australia. This fish is often kept in brackish water aquaria. Silver moony has a silver body in a triangular shape. They have big eyes and crossed with a dark ray. Its fins are silver with yellow reflection.

2007-04-19 05:56:14

The Bluespotted ribbontail ray, Taeniura lymma, is a stingray of the family Dasyatidae, found around coral reefs in the tropical Indo-West Pacific from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Solomon Islands north to southern Japan and south to northern Australia, between latitudes 32° N and 30° S. The bluespotted ribbontail ray is a colorful stingray with large bright blue spots on an oval, elongated disc and with blue longitudinal stripes on the tail. The snout is rounded and angular,...

2007-04-05 00:11:48

The Spotted garden-eel, Heteroconger hassi, is a conger of the family Congridae, found in Indo-Pacific oceans from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Society Islands, north to the Ryukyu and Ogasawara islands, south to northwestern Australia and New Caledonia, and throughout Micronesia, at depths of between 22.97 and 147.64 ft (7 and 45 m). Length is up to 15.75 in (40 cm), and the body diameter is up to about .55 in (14 mm). The markings on the spotted garden-eel are variable but usually...

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