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Silvery Fish Can Become Invisible To Predation
2012-10-22 12:03:14

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online After all the research we´ve been doing for centuries, nature continues to surprise us from time to time, forcing us to reconsider long-held theories or showing us something totally new. Take, for instance, the reflective properties of silver fish, such as herring or sardines. It´s long been observed that these resplendent fish have the ability to deflect light, making it tricky for a predator to focus and snatch...

2012-09-13 23:02:27

Highly stable light source addresses a wide range of spectral analysis applications requiring artificial illumination without physical sample contact Boulder, Colo. (PRWEB) September 12, 2012 ASD Inc., a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and materials analysis solutions, announced today the release of the Illuminator reflectance lamp for accurate indoor diffuse reflectance measurements. This unique and highly stable light source addresses a wide range of...

2012-03-08 10:42:52

On the hottest day of the New York City summer in 2011, a white roof covering was measured at 42 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than the traditional black roof it was being compared to, according to a study including NASA scientists that details the first scientific results from the city's unprecedented effort to brighten rooftops and reduce its "urban heat island" effect. The dark, sunlight-absorbing surfaces of some New York City roofs reached 170 degrees Fahrenheit on July 22, 2011, a day...

2011-01-16 00:23:26

As the New Year comes around, iGem Instruments brings in with it a new tool for the jewelry industry. Through an agreement with Presidium Instruments, one of the most well-known names in the field, iGem Corporation will exclusively offer the Presidium Refractive Index Meter (PRIM). East Brunswick, NJ (PRWEB) January 14, 2011 As the New Year comes around, iGem Instruments brings in with it a new tool for the jewelry industry. Through an agreement with Presidium Instruments, one of the most...

2009-07-23 06:50:00

DANBURY, Conn., July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- A2 Technologies announces increased sampling and usability capabilities for its compact Exoscan FTIR spectrometer system. These enhancements extend the capability of this spectrometer to cover an array of applications and make the Exoscan the ideal system for the scientist who requires optimum flexibility in spectroscopic-based application development and implementation for lab and/or field use. Sampling interfaces for the Exoscan system now include...

2009-03-12 13:32:47

A U.S. study suggests painted road markings such as lines separating lanes of traffic reflect headlights better in the direction the paint was applied. In other words the paint reflects more light if you are following the painting truck than if you are driving from the other direction, said the study co-author, North Carolina State University Professor Joe Hummer. Hummer, who conducted the research with Professor William Rasdorf and graduate student Guanghua Zhang, said the findings could...

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