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2011-12-05 13:01:24

Damage to podocytes -- a specialized type of epithelial cell in the kidney -- occurs in more than 90 percent of all chronic kidney disease. Now researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have uncovered an unexpected pathway that reveals for the first time how these cells may regenerate and renew themselves during normal kidney function. This finding is an important step toward one day therapeutically coaxing the cells to divide, which could be used to treat people with...

2011-11-21 06:52:48

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Impaired glomerular filtration rate (GFR) in the kidney leads to end-stage renal disease and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Patients with Type I diabetes are at an increased for kidney disease, but there are no interventions that have proved to prevent impaired GFR in these people. According to this study, intensive diabetes therapy may prevent kidney disease in type I diabetes patients. In the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial...

2011-11-14 11:20:34

Years later participants see benefits of good blood sugar control in reducing slow-progressing complications Maintaining good glucose control early in the course of type 1 diabetes could lessen the long-term risk of kidney disease, as measured by a common test of kidney function. This finding comes from more than two decades of research on preventing life-shortening complications of type 1 diabetes. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the longitudinal study. Results will be...

2011-11-14 11:16:40

Anticipated dialysis clinic closures could compromise care; New initiative hopes to improve Americans' kidney health Highlights:     Medicare will soon reduce reimbursements to some dialysis facilities, which may lead to closures. Patients will have to drive further to get care at other facilities, which could compromise their health.     The Healthy People initiative provides 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. Healthy...

2011-10-11 12:16:28

UW-Group Health-led study published in Archives of Internal Medicine It has become increasingly clear that patients in the United States are starting dialysis at higher and higher levels of kidney function. A team of researchers, led by Dr. Ann O'Hare, University of Washington associate professor of medicine and affiliate investigator at Group Health Research Institute, set out recently to find out what this means for patients, and how much earlier patients are starting dialysis compared...

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