Latest Renal physiology Stories

2008-07-10 06:00:13

By White, Sarah L McGeechan, Kevin; Jones, Michael; Cass, Alan; Chadban, Steven J; Polkinghorne, Kevan R; Perkovic, Vlado; Roderick, Paul J Objectives. We sought to determine whether an elevated burden of chronic kidney disease is found among disadvantaged groups living in the United States, Australia, and Thailand. Methods. We used data on participants 35 years or older for whom a valid serum creatinine measurement was available from studies in the United States, Thailand, and Australia....

2008-06-27 03:00:41

Grabbing as little as one glass of low-fat or fat-free milk could help protect against poor kidney function linked to heart disease, U.S. researchers said. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that adults who had at least one serving of low-fat milk or milk products each day had 37 percent lower odds of poor kidney function linked to heart disease, compared to those who drank little or no low-fat milk. To determine heart disease risk, researchers from...

2008-06-26 06:02:19

By Doulton, Timothy CLINICAL REVIEW Contributed by Dr Timothy Doulton, specialist registrar, and Dr Simon Steddon, consultant nephrologist at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Section! Epidemiology and classification Chronic kidney disease (CKD) encompasses abnormalities of both kidney structure and function. It is an important condition associated with excess cardiovascular mortality, decreased quality of life and considerable healthcare expenditure. It is also very common...

2008-03-20 03:00:15

By Kalansooriya, A Jennings, P; Haddad, F; Holbrook, I; Whiting, P H ABSTRACT The association between urine microalbumin, alpha^sub 1^- rtnicroglobulin concentration (alpha1MG) and the urinary enzyme activities of alanine aminopeptidase (AAP), N-acetyl-beta-D- glucosaminidase (NAG), alpha-glutathione-S-transferase (alphaGST) and pi-glutathione-S-transferase (piGST) is investigated in 36 type 2 diabetic and 15 age- and sex-matched non-diabetic subjects. Diabetic subjects were grouped into...

2006-12-19 03:00:09

BASEL, Switzerland and BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Dec. 19, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Speedel (SWX:SPPN) announced today that in the interests of patient safety it has stopped the current pivotal Phase III clinical trial of SPP301 (Avosentan) in diabetic nephropathy (diabetic kidney disease). This decision was taken by the ASCEND(1) trial's Steering Committee based on a recommendation from the Data Safety Monitoring Board to stop the trial, following a significant imbalance in fluid retention in...

2005-06-29 20:31:53

BETHESDA, Md. (June 29, 2005) "“ Normally your kidneys filter about 50 gallons of blood a day, remove such waste as salts and minerals, and concentrate it into urine. When you exercise or don't take in water, your blood "thickens" and instead of removing water, the kidney reverses the process, pulls in water from the body that would normally go into the urine, and puts it into the blood, thus maintaining water balance. Various diseases disrupt this process and in one small population...

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