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2012-12-03 21:00:38

As U.S. health care goes high tech, spurred by $20 billion in federal stimulus incentives, the widespread adoption of electronic medical records and related digital technologies is predicted to reduce errors and lower costs – but it is also likely to significantly boost musculoskeletal injuries among doctors and nurses.

2012-05-27 23:01:46

BiliPro's inventions have a wide range of applications and are compatible with computers of various operating systems.

2012-01-27 16:35:00

Thousands of questions are pouring in everyday to free medical Q & A website AskTheDoctor.com related to joint and muscle pain caused by the use of tablets and smart phones.

2010-11-07 00:16:39

International Fitness Expert Introduces At-Home Program to Relieve Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Elbow Pain Millions of people suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI), caused by their work environments.

2009-04-16 15:13:51

Experts in the field of repetitive strain injury are warning that spending too long on Twitter can leave users with aching hands. The chairman of a London support group for sufferers of Repetitive Strain Injury is calling on Twitter to post a warning on its booming Web site cautioning patrons not to overdo it on the Tweets. I want Twitter to put something on the Web site warning against overuse and how to use responsibly, Kevin Fleisch of the London Repetitive Strain Injury Support Group told...

2008-02-07 06:00:08

By Newey, Martyn Clarke, Malcolm KEYWORDS Carpal tunnel syndrome / Nurse-led service / Return to work This article describes the condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome and reviews a carpal tunnel service that was started in Leicester in 1999.

2006-02-20 19:05:00

Mobile telephone text messaging has become so popular in Britain that millions of users now suffer injuries to their thumbs and fingers because of their love of keeping in touch, according to a survey on Tuesday.

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