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2014-06-04 08:33:14

Facilitated by author Julia Indichova, whose pioneering work of the last two decades has focused on a whole-person approach to reproductive issues WOODSTOCK, N.Y., June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 12, at 7:30 PM EDT, Fertile Heart will offer a free chat titled Male Factor Infertility: The Fertile Heart(TM) Road to Fabulous Fatherhood. Facilitated by fertility advocate/author Julia Indichova, the chat will focus on supporting the Dad-To-Be in seizing the opportunity that comes with a...

2014-06-03 23:04:22

Pregnancy Without Pounds created by Michelle Moss is a program that claims to help pregnant women lose fat during pregnancy. A complete review on the site hynguyenblog.com indicates whether this method is useful or not. Seattle, WA (PRWEB) June 03, 2014 Pregnancy Without Pounds is the new program for pregnant women that wish to learn how to lose weight easily. After the author launched Pregnancy Without Pounds, she received many positive comments from users regarding their success with...

Maternal Stress May Have A Temporary Effect On Fetuses
2014-06-03 03:10:42

Durham University Fetuses are more likely to show left-handed movements in the womb when their mothers are stressed, according to new research. Researchers at Durham and Lancaster universities say their findings are an indicator that maternal stress could have a temporary effect on unborn babies, adding that their research highlights the importance of reducing stress during pregnancy. However, the researchers emphasized that their study was not evidence that maternal stress led to...

Three-Parent Conception Helps Reduce Risk Of Inherited Mitochondrial Disease
2014-06-03 12:53:49

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online To prevent deadly, inherited mitochondrial diseases – UK doctors have devised a unique scheme: create a fertilized embryo using eggs from two different women and sperm from one man. According to a new report from the country’s Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the proposed procedure would be safe and possibly useful, setting the stage for a debate surrounding the ethics of engineering a three-parent child. The US...

2014-06-03 12:30:45

Producers Of "Breeders: A Subclass of Women?" to Hold Special Screenings In New York City & Washington, D.C. PLEASANT HILL, Calif., June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Jennifer Lahl and The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network (CBC), producers of the award-winning documentary, "Eggsploitation" (2010) and "Anonymous Father's Day" (2011), announced they will host special screenings of their new film, "Breeders: A Subclass of Women?," on June 18 in New York City and June 19 in Washington,...

MagnetoSperm Robots May Soon Be Used For In Vitro Fertilization
2014-06-03 09:41:46

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Doctors looking to conduct procedures on a microscopic scale have developed sperm-inspired robots that can be manipulated through the use of weak oscillating magnetic fields, according to a new report in the journal Applied Physics Letters. Measuring just over 320 microns in length, the tiny robots are comprised of a head covered in cobalt-nickel and an uncoated tail. When the robot is exposed to an oscillating field of weaker than 5...

2014-06-02 23:11:27

Long Island IVF Drs. Pena and Zinger have been named New York "Super Doctors" in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology, as featured in the New York Times Magazine on May 18, 2014. Melville, NY (PRWEB) June 02, 2014 Long Island IVF is pleased to announce that two of its doctors, Dr. Joseph Pena and Dr. Michael Zinger, have been named as New York “Super Doctors” in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology, securing two of just six spots on the elite list for the combined Long...

2014-06-02 16:26:04

NORWALK, Conn., June 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- UBM Medica US announces that OBGYN.net will present new research and topics related to improving neonatal and maternal outcomes over the coming weeks. Through new research and empirical evidence, best practices and recommendations are evolving. Researchers have found ways to improve neonatal health by reducing preterm births and discovering ways to help counteract maternal behaviors that may harm the developing fetus. In addition, clinicians and...

2014-05-30 23:05:57

Studies show that the average IVF patient cycles 3 times in order to have a baby. To make the journey to pregnancy more affordable, IVFAdvantage's financing with $0 down allows patients to seek treatment sooner, providing an even greater treatment advantage. New York, New York (PRWEB) May 30, 2014 IVFAdvantage is a leading program from FertilityAuthority, empowering women to take charge of their fertility. The multi-cycle IVF program is built from the need for patients to be able to...

Researchers Discover Unusual Parenting Behavior By A Southeast Asian Treefrog
2014-05-30 03:50:49

National University of Singapore Study shows parental care increases survival of offspring in Chiromantis hansenae, the only treefrog in the region with this behavior Researchers from the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Science have discovered that a Southeast Asian species of treefrog practices parental care to increase the likelihood of survival of its offspring. Chiromantis hansenae (C. hansenae), is currently the only...

Latest Reproduction Reference Libraries

Stegodyphus lineatus
2014-04-07 14:12:35

Stegodyphus lineatus is the only European species belonging to the spider genus Stegodyphus. The males of this species are up to 12 millimeters long, while the females are up to 15 millimeters long. The coloration can range from whitish to almost black. In the majority of individuals, the opisthosoma is whitish with two broad black longitudinal stripes. The males and females look similar, but the male is usually richer in contrast and has a bulbous forehead. The species name is in...

Seed Saving
2013-05-18 07:22:11

Seed saving is the preserving of seeds from mature vegetables, herbs, and flowers used in subsequent years along with bulbs and tubers. Home gardeners have saved seeds for generations and the practice is now becoming common with organic farmers as well as permaculturists. Growers will clone plants so as not to produce seeds keeping the plant “true to type” to the parent plant. True to type refers to the characteristics of the parent plant such as large fruit/blooms. Plants...

Human Reproduction
2012-05-14 11:44:50

Human Reproduction is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that concentrates on original research, clinical case studies and opinions and debates on topical issues. The journal was broken into three distinct journals in 1995, with Human Reproduction Update and Molecular Human Reproduction. Human Reproduction Update is a bimonthly review journal and Molecular Human Reproduction is a monthly journal focusing on molecular aspects of reproductive biology. Human Reproduction covers all aspects...

2011-04-28 17:02:45

Labor Induction is a process of giving an artificial start to birth with medical intervention or other methods. When an induction is not performed for emergency or other medical reasons, the method is considered an elective process. The decision to induce labor has increased in recent years due to its convenience or because it easily accommodates busy schedules. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, say that labor should only be induced when it is more risky...

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