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2013-10-09 12:58:21

A simple video camera paired with complex algorithms appears to provide an accurate means to remotely monitor heart and respiration rates day or night, researchers report. The inexpensive method for monitoring the vital signs without touching a patient could have major implications for telemedicine, including enabling rapid detection of a heart attack or stroke occurring at home and helping avoid sudden infant death syndrome, according to a study published in the journal PLOS ONE. It...

2012-05-21 12:46:36

Margaret Rosenfeld, M.D., M.P.H., of Seattle Children's Hospital, and colleagues conducted a study to examine if hypertonic saline would reduce the rate of pulmonary exacerbations in children younger than 6 years of age with cystic fibrosis (CF). Inhaled hypertonic saline is recommended as therapy for patients 6 years or older with CF, but its efficacy has not been evaluated in patients younger than 6 years. In the randomized trial, the active treatment group (n = 158) received 7 percent...

2009-06-23 13:50:00

Italian researchers have discovered that human blood flow and respiratory rates can follow the pace of music, which suggests that doctors could one day use music as part of rehabilitation for patients suffering from heart disease or stroke. Writing in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, Dr. Luciano Bernardi and colleagues said that the heart rate of healthy adults appeared to change along with the change in musical rhythms. The researchers had previously discovered that...

2008-11-12 09:00:45

EarlySense, developer of continuous, contact-free supervision systems for hospital and home use, announced today the results of a clinical study of the EverOn(R) supervision system conducted at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, Sackler School of Medicine in Israel. The data were recently published by Drs. Patrick Sorkine, Nimrod Adi and Josef Ben-Ari at the European Respiratory Society Conference in Berlin in a presentation titled, New Device for Continuous and Contact-Free Monitoring of Heart and...

2008-10-06 09:00:56

ResMed, a developer and manufacturer of medical equipment for treating respiratory disorders, has launched the Serve-HF study to investigate the use of its AutoSet CS2 device in the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing that affects patients with chronic heart failure. The international Serve-HF study will focus specifically on the impact of treatment of central sleep apnea (CSA) in patients with heart failure. According to the company, up to 76% of patients with heart failure also suffer...

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