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Latest ReWalk Stories

Advanced Exoskeleton Gives People With Paraplegia More Independence
2012-10-30 15:05:37

Vanderbilt University [ Watch The Video ] The dream of regaining the ability to stand up and walk has come closer to reality for people paralyzed below the waist who thought they would never take another step. A team of engineers at Vanderbilt University´s Center for Intelligent Mechatronics has developed a powered exoskeleton that enables people with severe spinal cord injuries to stand, walk, sit and climb stairs. Its light weight, compact size and modular design promise to...

Exoskeleton Suit Helps Paralyzed Woman Walk
2012-09-05 07:48:45

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online A paraplegic woman from the United Kingdom who was paralyzed due to an accident with a horse was the first woman to use a robotic exoskeleton suit that allows her to walk. According to Reuters, Claire Lomas, who lit the fire at Trafalgar Square to commence the Paralympics in London, is the first to utilize the ReWalk suit for home use and everyday tasks. A previous accident had left her paralyzed from the chest down. Recently,...

2008-08-26 10:55:00

Many paralytic patients are getting the chance to walk again, thanks to a newly developed electronic exoskeleton. The so-called ReWalk device was developed by Amit Goffer, founder of Argo Medical Technologies, a small Israeli high-tech company. Goffer was paralyzed in 1997, but is unable to use his own invention because he doesn't have full function of his arms.ReWalk resembles a combination of the exoskeleton of a crustacean and the suit worn by comic hero Iron Man. It allows paraplegics to...